There Are Angels Among Us – Seeing Beauty In Life

Yesterday at Barnes and Noble I saw a man wheel (in her wheelchair) a young girl – perhaps 15 – into the checkout line in front of me. I watched him kiss her head, which had been shaven maybe just weeks before. He kissed the enormous s-shaped scars that covered it, and she smiled and spoke sweetly to him.

I caught the gentleman’s eye – her father, I believe – and with a smile I could not contain I said, “she is SO beautiful! Her skin is like a doll’s!” He wheeled her around to see me and I told her the same. She then said, “thank you! You have such beautiful eyes!” in the sweetest voice you could imagine, and one I’ll not forget. 

My heart felt so much joy, so much admiration, so much love. . . I couldn’t help but tell her, and was so honored for her kindness in return. Even if only some of us could see them, she wore about her head a glowing halo, and about the rest, a set of wings. After all she must have been through in her short time, she wanted nothing more than to share light with everyone else around her…

I bid them farewell as they finished buying her Anime book, and the man wheeled her out of the store – I knew I’d remember that moment forever.

It doesn’t take much to see the beauty around us, or to cherish the moments we meet precious souls. To touch another life is such a gift – I believe in sharing the positive thoughts we feel inside because you never know how much it may mean to someone else. Perhaps a father who has seen his child suffer as no one should? 

There ARE angels among us – maybe right in front of your eyes. Don’t be afraid to encourage them too. Every heart deserves love and light, and to see the beauty in life. If you’re one of the ones who sees through that lens…share it. The world can always use more. ❤️

Cat Humor – My Daughter, The Vampire

My baby girl looked a vampire with those beautiful fangs (ones which, I daresay, she bared to all but her thankful mum.) ❤

I had the  painful task of helping her transition – with her permission, which I had – just under four months ago.  I still cry when I think of her, and I feel a void where once her little voice sounded, but I will ever be thankful that she and I were united nearly 13 years ago – she was the closest life I had for a while.

She was, without question, my little girl, through and through…and how blessed I was she chose for me to fulfill that role for her, because wild animals DO choose. ❤

When we open our hearts to the Universe, it gives us the gift of being able to be present with others – human or otherwise – to offer our love, and to be there when friendship, compassion, trust, and mercy are needed most.  

While in some ways I felt I didn’t have the right, it was a responsibility I would fulfill to the very best of my ability…for her. For my angel. 



Real Angels

I happen to come across this article in Vogue News, regarding the possibility of Victoria’s Secret having a plus-sized future

All I can say is, it’s about time!  

I think we have some real concerns here in the United States with respect to obesity and unhealthy habits…but when Victoria’s Secret says “plus-sized” I think we are speaking more about real human beings – it’s really not a stretch.

I love Vickies for very specific things – I literally have the same bra in about a million colors (mostly black, of course! 😉 ) But I own the same style times about 30!  It’s just a great basic for me, so I always repurchase…

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 4.58.11 PM

But overall, the products are not made for everyone – the sizes, for one thing, can be WAY off with the apparel.  

And I’d love to see some really beautiful lingerie added for women who need more support!  I don’t look my size AT ALL…because I have broad shoulders…but I NEED the support of a wider strap with more room to adjust – some of the styles just will not do!

While the current Angels are gorgeous…in person they are far more slender than any average human being could hope to be – they are naturally tall-and-waify-framed, so it is unrealistic for a woman of my build and stature, for example, to expect I’ll get there – I won’t…and that’s MORE THAN OKAY!  The right fit makes all the difference!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 4.59.37 PM

So I don’t know if they are…or are not…going to head in this direction.  But I, for one, would be DELIGHTED to see more ladies accommodated by the brand.  I think having them strut the runway would also be pretty damn fabulous.