Amy Schumer and Dieting

I wouldn’t have known who this was because I am TOTALLY out of the movie and television loop – I wouldn’t recognize most celebs if they mowed me down in the sidewalk!

But I saw this video of Trainwreck’s star, Amy Schumer and I thought “now there’s a celebrity who isn’t only real…but absolutely adorable.” photo photo

I had several hearty laughs while watching this – in my personal opinion, she’s positively lovely, and beautiful to boot.  She isn’t even “fuller figured,” so no need for anyone to go there.  She’s REAL.  

Now don’t get me wrong, Kelly is also real – she has a petite frame (and I’m talking flat-out bone structure.)  Period.  

But what I loved about this was the “getting into shape” part. HILARIOUS.

Amy shares how she was asked to do a fitness program to “get into shape” for the movie, and about the first time meeting her well-known fitness guru.  You can totally picture the assessment with the trainer… *LOL*

I have been through eating disorders, albeit not by choice, so I know the devastating effects of NOT eating enough.  There is no doubt about it, media (of ALL kinds) puts tremendous pressures on men and women alike – to be more fit, and more slender.

I don’t proselytize and I’m not going to start.  What I would like to say is that we are all different – our BONE structures are different!  My waist will NEVER be like Kelly’s…  I will never have her petite shoulder frame either.  But there isn’t anything wrong with that!  And stressing about it isn’t going to alter my skeleton, so it’s wasted energy! 

Comparisons are just bad news…  It is ALL about perspective.  Amy would be DWARFED by other men and women, so what is the big deal?  We are all small next to someone, and big next to someone else. 

Her point about the suggested “not eating” is a true one, sadly – a lot of folks, particularly in prominent roles, feel that they HAVE to not eat to look good – as if their bodies aren’t beautiful?!!  WHAT!?!  

There is a WORLD of research regarding how one slows one’s metabolism by going that route (among other dangerous ramifications of malnutrition!) – I have been in that boat so I can safely attest that it is no party.

The other day I was wearing my dobok – the traditional Taekwondo uniform.  I started laughing and said to a friend “you know, elastic just ISN’T helpful for ANYONE!!”  (It was at the waistband.)  He asked what I meant….

“Elastic will make anyone feel like a balloon, basically!”  It can pull in too tightly, making you look like you don’t fit properly…when really it’s just the elastic!  I’m not even kidding!  The slimmest girl in my class (and she’s really slender) has folds of skin-and-body just like the rest of us…because it isn’t flattering on anyone!  The proper fit and cut works wonders so all the stressing is silliness!

I could literally write novels on these topics but...I loved Amy’s humorous and playful take – because the pressure is real, and she isn’t going to bend her rules and be unhealthy to go in that direction.  

Way to go, Ms. Schumer…and then some!