How Well The Internet Knows You

On one hand, it’s a little (or a lot) frightening what the Internet knows.  Fortunately I’m not a celeb so I’m not really worried about anyone looking up my “dirt” and coming after me.  (That said, I’m not sure they would once they saw my preferences…)



(Pinterest, for one, is always sending samurai my way for one – they clearly keep track!)

And then there’s Amazon and their recommendations…

Even though data is being gathered, it’s nice (on the other hand) that a a monstrous retail site can suggest things you may like.  Double edged sword (no pun intended!) in that I might spend more, true. . .

Swords: An Artist's Devotion, Illustration (C) Ben Boos (Author, Illustrator)

Swords: An Artist’s Devotion, Illustration (C) Ben Boos (Author, Illustrator)

Swords: An Artist's Devotion, Illustration (C) Ben Boos (Author, Illustrator)

Swords: An Artist’s Devotion, Illustration (C) Ben Boos (Author, Illustrator)

BUT…I’d rather have the option to skip the fluff and go to the “good stuff” (or at least what I consider the good stuff) even if it means seeing The Art Of War, 5000 Spells, or Sherlock Holmes again (which already grace my bookcase.)

So – at least for now – I’m okay with the gods of the ether picking up on my search habits.  At least then I won’t have to look at Justin Bieber cds or a princess coloring book to get to the badassery.

Ebates – More Money For You!

So I’m not sure if any of you have heard of Ebates, but it’s tremendous…and I want to share the wealth!


You get cash back for purchases online, and sometimes you get extra goodies – I got a random gift card to Target (super useful, since I just moved!) It wasn’t expected and I actually e-mailed to company to ask what it was.  “It’s your $10 card for Target for signing up with us,” said customer service.

Um…OKAY! ❤

I just bought a desk and got about $13 back just for that alone.  It sounds like a small amount, but it adds up…and then you get a “check” – mine goes to PayPal directly, so I can easily transfer it to my bank.  I use it a lot on eBay, because I love to shop there.  If you are going to spend cash, how nice is it to make some back?!

Definitely look into it if you haven’t, because you will find that you can save even when you can’t find a code to use for checkout…basically saving you some money even though you didn’t have a discount or coupon.

You can use it over 1,800 stores – Sephora, Amazon, Etsy…pet stores, baby stores, office supplies… 


And you can search by product, if you prefer…

It also has a list of coupons you can use – just click and go to the site, and when you check out, the cash back goes to your account. EASY AS THAT!

Not kidding… It’s a total win, and I am super happy I heard about it and signed up.  

Mandalas and Mantras – I AM Beautiful

I came across this book – Coloring Book, Mandalas and Mantras, by Robert Martin – in The Letters Of Gratitude and wanted to share…

Why a share a coloring book for adults, a seemingly odd (and  unconventional) proposition to some?

Because too many adults have lost their Magic.

In my mind, the tragedy is that everyone is capable of living a Magical Life, and manifesting good things.  

Over the years we become conditioned – by challenging circumstances, tough relationships, unprocessed (or inappropriately processed) memories.  We begin to use words and phrases like “not good enough,” “unattractive,” “can’t…”  All dangerous and untrue.

Our conversation with ourselves, as they say, IS a conversations with the Universe.  How we treat ourselves manifests the same vibration elsewhere.  So taking time for US…getting to know and LOVE ourselves, is of the utmost importance.  It must come before anything (and everyone) else.

I could write for hours on the subject, but to be more concise, what I LOVED about this book’s concept is that it is intended to slow us down.

It allows us to unleash our creative…

To sit with a mantra which, as we illuminate it’s form with the colors our heart feels “fit,” we repeat to ourselves.

“I am beautiful.”  

“I am beautiful.”

 “I am beautiful.” 

It allows us to revert to an activity which, in childhood, promoted our sense of freedom, individuality, without judgement.  

That last part is one of the keys – “without judgement.”  I have learned the hard way just how much I judge myself – circumstances may slow things down, but we are in control of stopping, or forging ahead.

Color…without judgement.  

Color…outside the lines if you feel like it.

Color…with the hues that make the most sense to YOU…because it is YOUR magic, YOUR Life, the colors that make you feel good inside.

If you feel like Life has lost it’s Magic, and maybe that things are flying past at far too quick a pace…check out this book and let yourself just BE.

Remember what it was like, and remind yourself how amazing you are, and how good you are at being you. ❤

Amazon’s Jumped On The Korea Bandwagon

I almost fell over when I saw this e-mail… Not so much because Korean brand items are being offered, but because they are being offered in such a full-fledged, committed way…on behalf of Amazon, one of the most massive on-line retailers.  That fact alone made the “message” here particularly noteworthy. photo photo

I’ve been using Korean and Japanese (in particular) skincare and color for almost 20 years – my college thesis was about cosmetic companies expanding into Asia, and how they specifically tailored their products, marketing, and packages to meet the needs…and wants…of consumers across the World (often it was in stark contrast to those of the majority of Americans.  Minus myself and maybe a relatively small Caucasian contingency!)  

It fascinated me then, and fascinates me now – I am THRILLED to see how much US and European companies have embraced the generally ahead-of-their-time Asian skincare and color cosmetic trends, and how they have applied them to their own formulations and packaging. photo photo

Urban Outfitters, as one example, never struck me as the kind of store to offer this kind of thing… Quirky, absolutely.  But UO always felt somewhat bohemian and earthy to me…not really in this playful, pampering vein.  So I am pleasantly surprised to see that they offer a lot of these goodies – the best part being that you can actually play with testers! 😀 (While many of these products can be tracked down on eBay, in Korean markets, or China Town and the like…there aren’t any testers.) photo photo

So even though you don’t have testers I can fool around with, I’m terribly excited, Amazon.  Way to go!  It’s totally okay if you are later to the party…because you have clearly arrived, and are standing behind it now! 🙂