Thankful For Healthy Food

I eat.  A LOT.  And I eat really healthy foods, which may or may not be a little bit pricey, if in season at all.  

I feel blessed in so many ways, and for so many reasons…but I am immensely thankful that I am able to have foods such as scallops, shrimp, and fish every so often.  It matters what we put into our bodies and I’m grateful not only that I can have these things to begin with, but also for my better half, who both supports my clean regime, and who always manages to cook them so well.

Once upon a time I harbored and intense fear that no one would be “okay with” my nutritional habits or preferences – to the point it was debilitating. I was judged – often – for my choices, and was convinced I was somehow “too different” or “too difficult” as a result.  Fortunately, I’ve learned the error of my ways!

My body is ultra-attuned to certain nutritional guidelines.  That said, it isn’t because I imposed them ON myself (back when I had eating disorders, that is exactly what I did.  But, thankfully, not now.)  

In recovery by body decided what works for it…and what doesn’t.  I’ve gained a handful of allergies and intolerances, as well as symptoms when I don’t eat frequently enough – curious, but I’ve learned to honor and respect what my physiology is asking for.  It’s changed a lot over the years, and in recovery, and that’s okay.  

When I travel, my body is therefore never 100% – being at home allows me to stick to what works best, but that doesn’t mean I can’t (or don’t want to) go anywhere!  There are always healthy options to be found, so even if I’m not having my absolute “usual” I still can make solid choices, and set myself up for the best success possible.  (Frankly, I’d say scallops multiple times in one weekend is pretty world-class!)  

Blackened catfish and turkey

My goals are maintenance – I’m not looking to gain, neither to really lose weight.  I want to support my muscles and any physical activities I’d like to do, as well as to function as optimally – and comfortably – as possible.  That includes everything from sleeping, to energy levels, to a calm tummy!

Just because I am wired to work on a very specific blueprint doesn’t mean that I can’t live freely, and happily.  It takes a little bit of foresight and work, but I love being healthy, at a good weight, and feeling like I can perform well.  

As I’ve gotten older, I need more recovery, and sometimes even more food  – allowing ourselves to evolve and grow is a beautiful thing.  Appreciating the blessings and fortune we have just makes life all the more wonderful. ❤ 

Weekend Lunch

Right before moving, my hunnie and I had a chance to get together with all the parents (always a treat – they are all amazing! ❤ ) We went out to dinner together, which was a ball, but he and I had a chance to get some lunch together earlier.  It was a gorgeous day…still quite warm, but Fall was undoubtedly present, trailing on the end-of-summer breeze.

We sat outside and ordered some unsweetened iced tea – I’ve recently decided I am steering clear of Splenda (sucralose) and the like, as I *may* have intolerance.  (PS, that’s rather a topic all its own.  Alarming, some of what I was reading!)

I feel like whatever I order is simple – fortunately this waitress agreed!  Most of the time I can order healthily and people are accommodating – it is SO much more commonplace these days to be asked to “modify” a meal, whether because people are more health conscious, have allergies etc…  But in the end, a simple meal without the extra butter, oil or paraphernalia IS easy to prepare.  So modify away!

I asked for “a usual” for me, baby spinach, tomatoes and grilled chicken.  That’s it.  Nothing else!  It sounds sp plain but when you add salt and pepper and chip it up a bit, the moisture from the baby spinach helps it all mix in.  It’s delicious, and incredibly good for you.  It’s also filling because of the protein, so I’m not starving in two seconds. 


I’m looking at it now, somewhat hungrily, actually!  I used to eat a lot of lettuce, but baby spinach, or really deep greens, pack so much more of a nutritional punch that it’s worth at least mixing some in if you don’t want to go ALL in.

Back Spin

Back Day! 

I love working larger muscle groups – I think it’s because I feel like I get more bang for my buck on leg and back day. Or maybe it’s because I inherently know my caloric expenditure will be higher…even if marginally…on those days.  That’s always nice! 😀

The Spring (and totally unexpected, in my case!) allergies are draining my energy like a vampire on a binge, but there’s no way I’m not going to put forth my best effort!  After about 15 sneezes in a row, I got dressed and hopped on the bike, tissues in tow.

I did 50 minutes of spin sprints early – getting cardio out of the way does matter for me.  If I am aware I am doing it, I need to do it first so I can push through, and have it behind me.  There are various camps of thought on what *should* go first (as with stretching) but this works for me…and I am all for per individual.  Cookie cutter doesn’t work.

I always sneak in hanging leg raises and 2 minutes of planks as a maintenance ab routine, so in addition to that I did:

  • Dumbbell Row
  • Seated Cable Row
  • Seated Pressurized Row (on a pressurize machine)
  • Lat Pulldown (I avoid tons of lats because my wings are broad naturally.  I don’t want to totally emphasize that area, just keep it toned.
  • Standing Cable Row with rope attachment
  • Lying Lateral Raise


I usually do a bit more but it was still a great workout – I always do at least three sets.  I finished with my stretching, which is really crucial in my opinion (certainly for what I do in Martial Arts, but also from a staying-mobile standpoint – it’s good for everyone!)

Tomorrow is leg day – I don’t know if other folks like to leave it for a weekend, but I feel like Saturdays afford me more time.  And if I eat a little bit more, I don’t feel as badly…because I KNOW I’d have killed it earlier! 🙂  


Happy workouts to all, and if your allergies are getting you down, hang in there!  It’s okay not to be perfect, just give whatever you have and know that yes, that IS enough – you’re doing great!

X ❤


Get It!

Fair to say I never had allergies growing up…and I rather hope these drop by the waist side at some point!  But, they hit the population hard this season, out of the blue, and there isn’t a whole lot to be done about it.  Because I’m so active – and many of you are too – the fatigue and fogginess is possibly the most frustrating of all “symptoms.”  Add to it a variety of antihistamines and suppressants of sorts, and you could cut the “fog” with a knife!  

Taking medications aside, I find that I have to STRONGLY self motivate right now – normal cycle sprints, lifting, and Martial Arts feel like a major chore.  But, if I don’t do them…I’m going to be worse than the Grinch on Christmas.  SO…


I try to make sure I am staying incredibly hydrated, getting the rest I know I need, eating healthily…AND pushing through some exercise.  Everyone is different, and only someone’s doctor would know best…but since exercise is as much a mental and spiritual thing for me, I feel like I need to at least *try* to sweat it out a little.  It doesn’t have to be record breaking by any means, but something.


Part of it is motivational self talk – I’ll get to the bike and not want to get on.  AT ALL.  I don’t even want to turn on the iPod, and that’s kind of alarming, given my affinity for all things musical! So I do my best to remind myself that even 30 or 45 minutes is better than nothing…but MOST importantly, that I will feel SO much better when the countdown hits 0:00, and I feel like I gave an effort.

I teach little kids, and one of the things I say is that it isn’t a competition – we don’t HAVE to be better than anyone else.  But we DO have to put forth our best effort, all the time…especially when it feels difficult.  It not only gives us the short-term “HA! I did it!” feeling…but the longer term “I know I can overcome obstacles” part (which, I argue, is the more vital takeaway.)


You don’t have to be perfect, and the performance doesn’t HAVE to be stellar.  You don’t even have to be better than you were the day before because – unlike aiming to be a better person each day (where such a principle can be applied) – we have ups and downs with physical activity.  Putting in a best effort is all you need…and the iPod DOES help, once you have it on. 😉

I hope no one is suffering too much, and that you can all enjoy this beautiful Spring.  If you are having a tough time, DO go easy on yourself – not only are some of us in it with you, you are doing the best you can…and THAT is good enough for today!