Be Yourself!

I’ve said it time and time again… I may not be as “outwardly” so as back in my college youth…but…my “gothieness” is still more than evident! 

I’m a Vamp at heart, a lover, and a fighter for what I care most about.  I never fit in, never really wanted to…and am relatively certain I never will.  I don’t care much for molds, though neither is it in utter defiance of authority, nor in effort to gain attention by breaking the rules.  It just IS.  

I just AM.

This particular image, of course, was one I ever and always adored – the Vamp aesthetic was the very one to which I aspired all my years.  Yes, the ghostly pallor, Night-hued locks, ruby lips (not to mention the second-skin black apparel – my daily uniform!)  

While I am scarcely so stand-out, leaning to the sporty side of things these days, it is simply the look which resonates most deeply with me. ❤  It was that way when I was a little girl, and has not wavered an ounce.  

Be Creepy

I will always appreciate and recognize beauty in other forms, but at my core, I am Vamp 1,000%.  Forgive me…or do not...but I shall make no effort to alter my heart in pursuit of some other aesthetic as, in my own mind, our propensities are the spice of Life!  

Proof is in the pudding…

Feline / Goth Humor

I’m a Vamp and a Goth at heart – less outwardly so than when I was younger, but no less than I’ve always been. ❤ 

I’d rather wear black than anything else.  I love jewel tones most especially but I just find myself going melanistic all the time!  (All four of my cats ARE melanistic, as it turns out.  Coincidence?  I think not. )  I don’t know if I can attribute it to my witchiness, my gothic bent, or my vampish aesthetic tendencies…but black simply is my go-to.

So of course I saw this silly lil’ meme and had myself a good laugh… 

Black Cats

As for this chart here…I’m Old School, Sparkle, and Metal all in one.  How about that?