Halloween At Unique Vintage

Can we just take a moment to say “ERMAHGAWD?!” over Unique Vintage’s Halloween Collection?

This belt, for one thing! ‚̧

And this blanket?! *SNUG!*

But it’s all just precious…though my credit card, under oath to me, shall remain in my wallet…lest I buy with utter abandon! ūüėȬ†

Because bats and spider webs are uh-mazing…

I LOVE THE HAUNTED MANSION!!! ‚̧ And how cute is the skirt?!

This outfit is adorable too… Stripes and Ghouls to stand out. ‚̧¬†

Halloween Newsletters…Hits The Nail On The Head

Every year, as E-Tailers drum up all things Halloween, I find myself relating a lot more to newsletter content. It’s literally without fail -whether decor, fashion, accessories, even beauty, I’ll find my every day go-tos featured as seasonal specialties.

I can’t say it bothers me so much, but I am left wondering whether I should indulge…or just leave my monster collection of skulls, black, studs and corset ties well enough alone. I’ll tell you, it’s awfully hard to restrain myself. ¬†

In the case of Rebel Circus, they’re always a little creepy (in a good way), but overall the October newsletters are so much more my scene than the rest of the year… ‚̧

Rebels Market…they get me too… ‚̧


And then there’s Iron Fist, equally as dark, dreary, and beautiful, who also seems to have my number…

Ahhhh… ‚̧ I feel so understood!¬†


Vintage Halloween Fun

Unique Vintage’s Halloween Collection is absolutely adorable on every level…and totally my speed, as 50s fabulousness is concerned. ‚̧¬†


The bat and web sweaters might be my favorite but when Hallows is involved, it’s awfully hard to choose…



Poshmark – High Heels and Whatever Else

I don’t know…eBay is nice and all but Poshmark is pretty great.¬† Once upon a time I was in Product Development in Ladies Footwear – talk about a wild ride!¬† Fashion at it’s finest…and craziest…and literally in the thick of it.¬† We used to say “we see everything from the birth, to the death, of a shoe.”¬† And we did…

Poshmark is great because it offers more than just what you can find on eBay (but, in the same vein, both new and loved items you may not be able to get elsewhere РFashion obsolescence!)  

If you want to list something on Poshmark, while there are fees involved in selling, there aren’t any up front for listing…so even if you get dinged with a small fee at point of sale, you aren’t getting nailed monthly with hefty fees (those on eBay can really add up.)¬† So basically it’s long-term exposure without a major price tag, provided your items need it.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t as yet… You can do so here.


Long Live (Mc)Queen

I miss Alexander McQueen – I was so distressed when I learned of his passing some years ago. ¬†McQueen was one of fashion the envelope pushers…who got away with it. ¬†He took shapes and ideas to the next level, stirring the¬†creative possibilities unabashedly. ¬†

His models wore headdresses of birds in flight – so real looking that you’d half expect to have one on your shoulder at any moment, vying for a snack…or lock of hair. ¬†


Towering, extraterrestrial heels (a word I used prior to seeing this post, but who wouldn’t go there?! I did back then too)¬†– not only bizarre, but downright menacing –¬†strut alongside re-vivified chopine, rounded, snake-snouted booties (a favorite of Ms. Gaga), and biker badassery.


No, he never was¬†for the faint of heart, but I liked that. ¬†He still managed relevancy, amidst the spectacle too, albeit “wearable” for the bold more so than the masses.

A friend recently showed me a clutch covered in skulls and rhinestones…and it reminded me of McQueen right away. ¬†(And anyway – it’s almost Halloween – a perfect time for fearless revelry…and accessories!)

I recalled the bejeweled, bedecked (skull-decked, I should say) knuckle ring clutches he made back when. They are still – not surprisingly – going strong among the quirky, and affluent.

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-6-29-26-pm screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-6-29-14-pm


They are essentially wearable art – you couldn’t possibly go unnoticed bearing one of these in your hand. ¬†But then you wouldn’t buy it if you didn’t favor an adventurous path, undaunted by the merrily mundane (casting curious looks ‘ere you go!)

Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 RTW – Lanvin (Details)

There was a lot going on at the Lanvin Spring 2016 show – thanks to Vogue.com for the tons and tons of photos showcasing the purposeful question of whether¬†theater and fashion can indeed coexist. ¬†I feel like it’s fair to say…at least insofar as this Show was concerned…the answer is yes.

The Show presented a deviate juxtaposition¬†of staid, crisp, traditional (maybe even “professional”) attire paired with fabrics and details far more fit for a stage…

There was that charcoal-seamed skirt with the wide satin belt and smoke grey trench, you might have seen? ¬†Combined with sheer, oversized polkas and a see-through lace bra, the ensemble took on¬†an¬†unconventional edge…one I daresay would draw an audience. ¬†(But then, isn’t fashion intended to do that, just as in the theater?) ¬†

And then there was a frayed, sleeveless blazer (really, a full jumpsuit with a blazer-style top) with a tux-ie satin lapel.  That piece, already tipping the common scales, was paired with choker-style cuffs and necklaces, (all boasting heavy metal locks) for a more severe and eccentric twist.

If you take a peek at Vogue, you’ll even see what appears to be live croquis – models wearing nude, corseted undergarments, over-draped with hanging fabrics, as if to be a dress-in-progress, living bust and all…

There were also sequins in spades, tossed together with nude sheers and doll-like bows, making for a more “curios¬†and tag sale”¬†kind of spectacle.

But…the “touches” weren’t¬†ALL completely outlandish.

The mixed media and color-patched bags were done in wonderful autumnal shades, and luxurious animal skins…

And the slouchy boots? ¬†COMPLETELY, remarkably...fabulously wearable. ¬†While the toe was a hair more “almond” than most would reproduce for a larger market, the overall look was one that a broad audience would “get,” the buttery leather and suede notwithstanding.


At the end of the day, some designers can put on a SHOW…they can wow and inspire us by pushing the envelope with what borders on¬†anomalous. ¬†But it is also nice to see a few items here and there that can translate to everyday…for the everyday woman. ¬†The bags and scrunch boots were right on.

Closet Mad Max-ery!

I have SO. MUCH. STUFF…! ¬†

Particularly on the shoe front.  

I spent about 8 years of my career working in Ladies Footwear in Product Development, so it’s safe to say that I have seen the birth-to-death of many a pair…in my professional Life and in my personal! ¬†Prior to that I worked at Bloomies in NYC in executive management – I was known for wearing black, and for the heels I never seemed to take off! ¬†I’d march from Grand Central at 42nd to 59th and Lex every morning, and back again when my shift was over for the day… That’s a good 34 + blocks in three-inchers (as they often were.) ¬†It was definitely not “good” for me…and my ice skater / dancing feet weren’t entirely pleased.

I started b allroom some years later and it became my new passion. ¬†That said, my passion for heels started to become less and less…not that I don’t LOVE them any less…but that my feet finally had more of a say that I did! ¬†I’d say I’d limp for a good five minutes in the morning after waking up – ballroom shoes are often half-shanked…so a woman can point those lovely toes in her routine! ¬†BUT…the constant pressure, and extra contact with the floor…any dancer will tell you, NSAIDS (yes, topical versions too!), ice, bandages, sports tape…they’re often on hand. ¬†Still…I love the way heels¬†look and REFUSE to do away with the majority. ¬†(I incidentally have some of display as “art so even if I don’t WEAR them, they are enjoyed.)

When I delve into my closet, I find myself saying Oh, I LOVE THOSE!...as if I am in the store buying them for the first time! ¬†*lol* ¬†I guess that works out, right? ¬†I mean, I’m consistent! ūüėČ


So upon snooping the other day, I found the rockin’ distressed gunmetal Steve Maddens. ¬†I remember getting these WAY back when down in Soho in NYC – the flagship there is pretty rad and I OFTEN found styles you’d never see on the site (courtesy of having a USA factory situation where the “sassier” or “test”¬†styles could be made for the bigger volume, edgier demographics stores.)


These are about 3.5″ from the back… The heel is chrome, so they definitely catch the eye from the back view. ¬†I remember getting these and thinking there was like a Mad Max¬†or Escape from NY thing going on… They have a well-trained, sportier underscore – I can’t tell if that’s because of the perking or the velcro straps… It could even be the curving stitching and piece up over the counter. ¬†I of course LOVED the the sock was red – RED is such a great color! ¬†

The leather has a distressed burnish to it, making the pewter-like gunmetal WAY more edgy. ¬†Frankly, solid metallic can look very drab and inexpensive – certainly with this upper style, that would have been the case…BUT…they were going for grunge. ¬†Post apocalyptic footballer or something…but it works. ¬†

I’m so glad I found these. ¬†If my feet want to play along, maybe I’ll give them a spin sometime. ¬†If I run into a band of rebels, at least I will look the part…and sassy to boot!¬†

Socks ‘n’ Crops

So…it’s nippy out. ¬†Despite living in a town where socks are apparently (and often) optional…it’s just NOT the time!

And if you are going to wear them where you¬†shouldn’t¬†(*cough*cough*¬†the Dojoang!) may as well do it unabashedly! ¬†(I’m not sorry!) ¬†Anyway, there is always room for bats. ¬†

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 8.17.21 PM

I personally think that winter is a blast because a plethora of fun ones come out. ¬†I’m sorry I wasn’t wearing my¬†glittery skeleton bone socks, because it certainly would have made the photo!¬†– my Physical Therapist¬†noted that¬†the tibia and fibula had miraculously swapped positions. ¬†(Well done, sock people. How many thousands of pairs were sold?!) I’d blame myself, but¬†the silvery metatarsals were lined up so…

I am currently sporting my Nightmare Before Christmas knee socks. ¬† Musashi, my samurai, is looking at me trying to figure out if I’m really human or just all-around “nerd.”



Toes warm. Check.

Gloves. ¬†Ah… Gloves and trying to text =¬†OBNOXIOUS!

I personally prefer a punk twist to my other cold-weather “must-have.” ¬†True, they’re harder to pull off during other¬†seasons….unless of course:

A.) your initials are MJ and they sparkle…

B.)¬†you’re in a Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson or Gaultier show…

C.)¬†you’re wearing them in a photo taken in London in the¬†’80s.

But who cares!  I wore these at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pamona a few weeks ago Рit was sunny and gorgeous, but it was fine because I was flying back home TO a snow storm.  That counts, right?!

A¬†friend of mine makes these AWESOME ones and they can be customized (Naturally, mine say V A M P. Helloooo! ūüėČ ) I met her at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend¬†one year and that was that – I went onto Etsy and Facebook and tracked her down! ¬†They’re my favorite…and very well worn!