Trying Not To Be Nice

This is totally me (read: my interpretation of me) when my husband says I’m nice and I vehemently (albeit foolishly) deny it. Maybe I just want to be called evil every once in a while. Not because I actually AM…the dark illusion is just so tempting! I mean who didn’t want to be Skeletor when they were a kid?!

The Lost Boys

October is right around the corner…and within that fiery gem of an Autumnal month, falls my most favorite day. . .

Of course, it is October 31st ALL year round for me – fortunately with online marketplaces, I don’t have to wait for September to roll around to buy vampish decor or holiday cat toys!

There are other ways to indulge in Halloween hedonism, though. . . Rekindling a old favorite like The Lost Boys, for example.  It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, Vampires are always deliciously in season. . .

Don’t you think?



Back To The Future At Petersen

I’m definitely dating myself, and I’m definitely letting on to my nerdiness…but in any case, I thought this was adorable!

The Petersen Automotive Museum, located on Wilshire Boulevard in LA, is hosting four events this April surrounding Back To The Future‘s infamous DeLorean:


I have the good fortune to have exposure to a vast car community through a family non-profit, The American Hot Rod Foundation – I can say without hesitation, it is one of the best groups of people I have come across. The camaraderie, genuine enthusiasm, and seemingly endless creativity is nothing short of a joy to be around. . . and I say so often.

I am scarcely well versed in the inner goings on of any car, let alone a celebrity vehicle such as the DeLorean, so I love that the technicians and builders will have a chance to talk about their work.  This sassy, badass time-transporter has a special place in my childhood and, frankly, if I was headed to or fro in history, I’d insist on doing so in style myself!

The Under The Sea Dance & Party made me smile as well – it would be hard not to have fun when surrounded by others, also sporting cheeky retro ensembles while jamming to 80’s sounds – there’s something positively ridiculous (and therefore freeing!) about it, don’t you think?  As for me, I’m having flashbacks of Marty playing music well ahead of its time, for a terribly confused group of teens!  And how about that Bifftastic knock-out punch?!  I saw that coming.

Of course, there also has to be a Club Cruise and Car Show – it’s always a great time when folks roll in, strutting their stuff in whatever badassery they’ve built.  The innovation is always inspiring, as is the downright passion of the group as a whole.  

Tons of fun all around, and a great excuse to revel in the outrageously campy imagination of the 80’s. And you thought Museums were a drag!

Socks ‘n’ Crops

So…it’s nippy out.  Despite living in a town where socks are apparently (and often) optional…it’s just NOT the time!

And if you are going to wear them where you shouldn’t (*cough*cough* the Dojoang!) may as well do it unabashedly!  (I’m not sorry!)  Anyway, there is always room for bats.  

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 8.17.21 PM

I personally think that winter is a blast because a plethora of fun ones come out.  I’m sorry I wasn’t wearing my glittery skeleton bone socks, because it certainly would have made the photo! – my Physical Therapist noted that the tibia and fibula had miraculously swapped positions.  (Well done, sock people. How many thousands of pairs were sold?!) I’d blame myself, but the silvery metatarsals were lined up so…

I am currently sporting my Nightmare Before Christmas knee socks.   Musashi, my samurai, is looking at me trying to figure out if I’m really human or just all-around “nerd.”



Toes warm. Check.

Gloves.  Ah… Gloves and trying to text = OBNOXIOUS!

I personally prefer a punk twist to my other cold-weather “must-have.”  True, they’re harder to pull off during other seasons….unless of course:

A.) your initials are MJ and they sparkle…

B.) you’re in a Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson or Gaultier show…

C.) you’re wearing them in a photo taken in London in the ’80s.

But who cares!  I wore these at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pamona a few weeks ago – it was sunny and gorgeous, but it was fine because I was flying back home TO a snow storm.  That counts, right?!

A friend of mine makes these AWESOME ones and they can be customized (Naturally, mine say V A M P. Helloooo! 😉 ) I met her at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend one year and that was that – I went onto Etsy and Facebook and tracked her down!  They’re my favorite…and very well worn!