Pinterest and Personalities

I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon many, MANY moons ago – truly back in its infancy. In 2010 I was still in the Fashion Industry when making trend and mood boards was a key component of my work. (Yes…I LOVED it!) ūüôā I was a lucky lady, and couldn’t have been more in my element.

I was a devourer of all things visual… It didn’t necessarily matter if a photo in question was of an actual SHOE or not (ladies footwear being the branch in which I worked for well over a decade.) I could use everything from images with obvious connections (footwear, handbags, accessories etc) to things that were more abstract (makeup artistry, rain-drenched sidewalk bricks, a caramel apple…) It really didn’t matter, so long as the color, or vibe, or depth captured what I was intending to weave into a story… A story that would serve as the basis for the colors, materials, and styles we’d select for that season, essentially…

So for me, Pinterest was a GOLD mine. I wish it had been around sooner, but I was thrilled to work with it back then…in spite of bugs and growing pains. It was massively addictive for me as a Fashion Director, but also just a highly visual person. It proved (and still does) equally as addictive for hoards of the – primarily female, as you might surmise – population.¬†

I can’t say that I’m on the site¬†quite as much these days, but I still pull images with reasonable frequency. Each time I do so, I find myself smiling because Pinterest is so much more than what a large majority of people see it as being – as in, a board for to-dos or must-haves. For me it is more of a drool-fest – at least as far as my overarching usage goes. I pin images that I want to wrap myself in somehow…if not entirely and ravenously imbibe. They’re delicious, in a word (and to reduce it to one is a painful exercise!)

But there are boards I have created that do include things I would buy, or might should some event arise… For example, my Pinups and Fabulousness board… There are a plethora of sassy images – the just-for-fun-and-isnspiration kind. But then there are the pencil dresses or obscenely luscious heels that I desperately want a reason to buy – so says the tiny sliver of typical-female that I possess (because it really is a lot tinier than the grossly-generalized stereotype.)

Anyway, the real fun in Pinterest is that it is – I believe – a full-on snapshot of a person’s personality – it’s a lot more colorful than a Facebook, and I daresay farther reaching into the depth of one’s character than an Instagram (remember, these are images we can easily pull from every nook and cranny of the global Interweb ether!) It also happens to allow for the multiple facets of our being – I’m several things in one Geminian bundle myself. . .

For example…it would take under a second to see that I am obsessed with 50s glam – but not the frillier, cheesecake pinup fashion, so much as the badassery of Bettie Page. I’m all about fitted, curve-hugging, sensual shapes and lines… I have a gothic sensibility overall, which is glaringly obvious, paired with a little bit of “show” (performer much of my life, after all!) I love long heels and edgy details (like Paciotti’s infamous dagger going down the back of these killer heels…)

So if you are ever wondering about a person…check to see if they have any¬†Interest¬†boards out there. You’ll be amazed what you can learn . . .

I’ll share more of my boards later (unless you feel like looking now…) because it’s far too much to consume at once. In fact, a single board might prove daunting to the mundane mind! For me, though, it’s like a pool I dive into as much as I can (knowing that I must proceed with caution, lest I be pulled into the seductive undertow of image pinning!)

Vintage Halloween Fun

Unique Vintage’s Halloween Collection is absolutely adorable on every level…and totally my speed, as 50s fabulousness is concerned. ‚̧¬†


The bat and web sweaters might be my favorite but when Hallows is involved, it’s awfully hard to choose…



V Day

I don’t do Valentine’s Day. ¬†I think the only time I sent Valentines out was when I was in lower school (so that’s third grade and below), frankly under duress. There was candy involved, though, so I would generally get what remained – nice incentive at that age!

I just don’t think anyone should feel obligated to do something nice, let alone nice AND sappy, just because the calendar says so – therein lies my distaste for what it’s become.

Funnily enough, though, a Facebook memory popped up of this (incredibly rare form!) photo.  It was taken many moons ago, rather in defiance of the 14th, and very much with a mocking tone.  

I do have a lot of friends in pin-up and vintage automotive photography so it was equally a (positive, in this case, however) nod to them.


I guess we all have skeletons, right?  With red heart-shaped glasses and red lipstick, in my case!

Wheels & Dollbaby Sale

Wheels & Dollbaby is absolutely precious…and they just started a sale a few minutes ago. ¬†TOTALLY worth checking out, because it isn’t the least expensive line ever. ¬†Very Dita, though. ‚̧

I’m more of a Betty Page kind of girl than an Elvgren-type pinup…but I appreciate and adore both. ¬†So W&D works for me – I think there’s something for either side of the fence…

But you’ll get sass either way! ūüėČ

Deadly Is The Female

Some sites are running sales every two minutes…not so with Deadly Is The Female! ¬†They rarely send out discounts, so I’m sharing’ the love!

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 7.27.52 PM

DITF is based in Somerset, in the UK (sadly, I live in the USA!) ¬†Established in 2008, this adorable brand¬†specializes¬†in “vintage Hollywood style with a hint of Femme Fatale.” ¬†Fashions take a nod from the “fun, femininity, and glamour” of the1940s and ’50s, and encourages ladies to indulge in the “ritual” of getting dressed up. ¬†And, ohhh, the dresses! ¬†They’re wonderfully retro pinup! ‚̧

I’m a huge fan of Stop Staring! clothing, so anything pencil-like, or wiggle-type, I’m in!¬†

The shop carries apparel, footwear, accessories, cosmetics…and they categorize the dresses by type, and by decade (lovely! ūüôā )and also allow for color filtering (yay for ease of use!)

So DO take a peek while they have 20% going on!  You might end up with more than you anticipated this weekend but a girl deserves to have a little fun!

Inked Shop Demi Loon

There’s a special place in my heart for rockabilly and psychobilly. ¬†I’ve been involved with an automotive non-profit from some years, and because those “automotives” happen to be hot rods (and rat rods, and the like) I have the great pleasure to be immersed in the rockabilly and psychobilly scene from time to time – L ‚̧ V E. ¬†It’s campy horror, classic vampery, sassiness, and a cheeky-but-always-badass twist. ‚̧

Viva Las Vegas is one of the best shows to be in the thick of it – the fashion alone is divine. ¬†These guys and gals truly LIVE ’50s. ¬†No, they aren’t “making a statement” for the sake of it…they LOVE it, breathe it, live it. ¬†And it’s amazing. ¬†From the grooming, to the ink, to the cars, to the clothes…to the dancing and music…it’s all SO much fun.

I will no doubt be going on about that in later posts BUT…I got an Inked Shop newsletter today and it was all about Demi Loon. ¬†The reason I bring up Viva is I can TOTALLY picture these been sold out there at the Show, and I pretty much want them all myself. ¬†The model of course is adorable, with her hourglass figure to fit these really nicely (I wish my obliques came in more like hers!) ¬†The styles are reminiscent of a ’50’s pin up, with a layer of badassery going on. ¬†The “Betina” polkas are precious, and the “Drop Dead Darling” is too cute for words…

“Bad Apple” is one of those tanks that I would sport at the gym…just because, Ba Ba Black Sheep! ūüėÄ

And the Smokin’ hat would work for leg or back day when the hair HAS to be out of the way. ¬†I might bend the visor a¬†bit, because I personally prefer a curve…¬†I love that the print is kind of hidden – just like my ink, it would be pour moi, as they say. ¬†And honestly, that’s kind of the fun, no? ¬†The mystery of it all?