Bringing Back The 90’s – Rebel’s Market

I feel like this isn’t the first of the “bring-back-the-90s” campaigns of late – was also reminiscing about the oddities of the Runway back when I was in my tweens. . .but in a way, how can you not miss it? (I never really thought I’d say that.) There was just SO much attitude.

Rebel’s Market also seems to be taking a trip down memory lane…  I came across my own combat boots while posting this – how a la mode am I!? *lol* 

The header was priceless – I mean who else would it be?  Cry-Baby, naturally.

Remember the oversized plaid shirts?  Should I even admit that I owned them?  It was cool to look slovenly, and devoid of any figure back then, but I’m not sure I could pull of “unkempt” at my age.

Docs.  Yes, Doc Marten’s were “the” cat’s meow.  A friend of mine in high school had a pair she bought in Egypt – dark purple velvet with a mass of rubber cylinders for a heel – totally avant grade (and therefore badass.)  I thought the petrol leather ones were awesome too – all sorts of renegade.

There was something to be said for witchery too, back in the day – for me it’s EVERY day, but I get that some only hop on the wagon when things “trend!”  Sporting moon phases, obscure (or obvious) phrases in other tongues… Smokey eyes and brick red lips.  Yep, all par for the 90’s course!

If you feel like delving back into the sea and reliving those years (provided you were living at ALL at that time), Rebel’s Market has “gone” there…  Dive in!  The clothing is warm!

Flashback – 1990’s Runways

The 1990’s had their share of crazy Runway moments…I daresay even more than the last, pop-star laden decade.  I loved the recent Vogue article in which the publication featured “11 Antics-Filled Shows,” as it was an era I remember fondly.  

I was only 12 in 1990 but I definitely leaned to all thing fashion-related.  I was already a pro at doing “magazine tears,” a task, to the chagrin of my glossy publications, I’d later do in feverish spades as a Fashion Director.

The more renegade and goth looks got, probably the better, but I loved ALL of it – my taste level vastly exceeded my personal preferences, very much allowing me to land positions in my 20s with heavy hitters in the footwear sphere.  Hallelujah! Thierry Mugler Spring 1992 Thierry Mugler Spring 1992

The 90s, though, were incredibly entertaining even for those who didn’t fancy what was “a la mode.” There was no shortage of drama, whimsy, and serious envelope-pushing, even with the most refined at the time.  I feel like people in the Industry were constantly asking what had happened, and how could the runway fashions possibly be translated into “wearable” pieces (as in, ones that we could actually charge money for and sell.)  

Whether you appreciated the avant grade or not, it was hard not be sucked in, reveling in the absurdity of it all.  Celebrities outright embraced outlandish looks, making them casually more mainstream (and you thought the 80’s were rough! 😉 )  

The 90s was an era of fun, intensity, and story-telling (on the part of a designer’s fantastical mind, of course.)  As Vogue says, there was a “certain freedom” on display here – shows were something we always looked forward to, almost with bated breath, because you just never knew what was going to happen. John Galliano Spring 2993 John Galliano Spring 2993

When working in the Industry, unrestrained creativity does make our jobs a wee bit more challenging – how do you translate chrome headlights into honest-to-goodness fashion that someone can wear, for example..?  

But then…that was kind of the fun in it – what could you take away?  Was it the mirror shine?  The jagged shaping?  Did it mean we should go bolder with color and lean biker-chic?  There was an art to deciphering the trends, and unwrapping the pearls that would become the “next big thing.”  I really loved that part about it – it was a challenge…and it was fun as hell while we were at it. 


Got Grunge?

I’m seeing a ton of Spring these days, which isn’t at all a bad thing…  But it’s kind of like seeing Christmas decorations before Halloween…and I personally think Halloween (especially Halloween!) should have its time to shine!  

Same goes for colors and texture – in fashion apparel, color cosmetics, packaging, what have you – it’s nice to relish in the tempestuous, Earthen, burnished shades for a while (It isn’t even New Years!)

These four hues read autumnal, wintery, nocturnal and vampish – and, as you know, I am ALL for vamp! 😀

The new Legendary Creams, not only giving a nod to the aforementioned, but also to the moody, dark-lipped grunge of the 1990s, are as follows:

  1. Plum Role – Matte Dark Plum
  2. Punked– Matte Deep Grey
  3. Coffee Run – Cream Rich Brown
  4. Witchy – Cream Deep Burgundy (had me in mind for this last one?!)

These will be strong and bold, and with Plum Role and Punked, you teeter on a sassy edge – so if you are faint of heart, steer clear.  Otherwise, paint your pout and rock with denim (torn and battered, of course!)