The Race Of Gentlemen 2016

Summer has officially arrived, and with the season comes all sorts of outdoor get togethers and events to attend – have some fun and score some vitamin d while your at it, right?

I’ll get looks (not good ones!) for the admission but…I’m not a huge beach person.  What I mean but that is, I won’t spend the day there doing zero no matter how much fun it is to everyone else.  Slathering myself in oils to lay there and cook like a chicken doesn’t work for me…  But! . . . I do love being outside, being active, and doing something exciting.  


This year, I had to good fortune to attend the Race Of Gentlemen in Wildwood, New Jersey, as part of the American Hot Rod Foundation crew.  One of the best parts was that my fiancé came along with me – how awesome to have him be a part of something my family is passionate about, and to have him meet the gang. ❤


“AHRF” began back in 2002 in the hopes of preserving and promoting hot rod history. The founders recognized the dire need to document the pioneers of the hot rod movement, as many of them (at that time) were approaching (if not already in) their 80s and older.  The risk of losing the precious history and first-hand stories was far to great to do nothing about it – and so the Foundation was born.

We have sadly lost many of these pioneers in the last decade, but with over 100,000 photos (most of them also digitized by AHRF), 350 hours of original footage, and countless hours of audio, AHRF hopes to keep them – and their incredible contributions – alive.  


The word “history” may seem dry – I can’t say that I loved most “history” as a student back in the day either.  But then the reality is that many of the kids today – generations removed from the pioneers in some cases – are endeavoring to be exactly what those guys were.  So learning the history gets them that much closer – it explains not only the birth of certain ideas, but the inspirations and innovations that may have led to them via, of course, the words from the men themselves.


There are TONS of events each year, but we always try to hit the larger ones – Grand National Roadster Show, L.A. Roadster Show, and Hot Rod Reunion, for example.  We love having a presence when we are able – it gives us a nice landing spot to set up, talk to the awesome crowd, and (hopefully) infect a few more with the history of it all!

The Race Of Gentlemen was holding its fifth event in Wildwood this year, so while it definitely has amped up, it isn’t as overwhelming or enormous as others.  The benefit is that you can catch up with the people you are hoping to see, and have enough face to face with those who might have questions.  You can also get much closer to the races than you can at other shindigs (at the Roadster Show, you are often higher up in the stands – here, you were atop a mound of sand in a crowd, but pretty darn close.)

One of the key reasons TROG stands out is that it is run on the beach.  Literally.  The racers gear up and blast down the sand dragway, adding a whole other element to the (incredibly friendly) competition.  Of course, sand isn’t quite as quick and slick, but it’s certainly a lot of fun.

The community is one of the reasons I love hot rod events – super down to earth, interested, enthusiastic…respectful.  How about this trash can at the parking lot party the night before?!  Nary a bottle or can on the ground.  🙂


It’s a great group to be around, and of course there is ALL sorts of amazing eye candy.  The innovations and creativity that go into the vehicles – bikes and autos alike – is something to behold, and always cool to hear about.


I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to attend, but also to have been introduced to this crowd some years ago by my father.  It’s always a good time, and being outside on a breezy summer day made it especially awesome.  The rain held off the second day too – knowing, I think, that everyone was having so much fun.


Back To The Future At Petersen

I’m definitely dating myself, and I’m definitely letting on to my nerdiness…but in any case, I thought this was adorable!

The Petersen Automotive Museum, located on Wilshire Boulevard in LA, is hosting four events this April surrounding Back To The Future‘s infamous DeLorean:


I have the good fortune to have exposure to a vast car community through a family non-profit, The American Hot Rod Foundation – I can say without hesitation, it is one of the best groups of people I have come across. The camaraderie, genuine enthusiasm, and seemingly endless creativity is nothing short of a joy to be around. . . and I say so often.

I am scarcely well versed in the inner goings on of any car, let alone a celebrity vehicle such as the DeLorean, so I love that the technicians and builders will have a chance to talk about their work.  This sassy, badass time-transporter has a special place in my childhood and, frankly, if I was headed to or fro in history, I’d insist on doing so in style myself!

The Under The Sea Dance & Party made me smile as well – it would be hard not to have fun when surrounded by others, also sporting cheeky retro ensembles while jamming to 80’s sounds – there’s something positively ridiculous (and therefore freeing!) about it, don’t you think?  As for me, I’m having flashbacks of Marty playing music well ahead of its time, for a terribly confused group of teens!  And how about that Bifftastic knock-out punch?!  I saw that coming.

Of course, there also has to be a Club Cruise and Car Show – it’s always a great time when folks roll in, strutting their stuff in whatever badassery they’ve built.  The innovation is always inspiring, as is the downright passion of the group as a whole.  

Tons of fun all around, and a great excuse to revel in the outrageously campy imagination of the 80’s. And you thought Museums were a drag!

For Those Who Are Visual

I’m a visual person – I have poured over editorial photos as images since I was a little girl…in books, fashion magazines, and in last decade plus, Facebook, Pinterest and photographic sites.

Facebook, for me, is incredibly “positive.”  I see positive messages in my feed because of the types of pages I “like” and because of the friends I have (fortunately!)  It’s allowed me to stay in touch with friends from my dancing days, my skating coach, extended family, friends who have moved far away…  And, it has created new friendships with individuals I met after crossing paths with them on Facebook – wonderful, talented folks who I can truly call “friend.”

And what I enjoy most is the visual aspect – the interactions are based around imagery.  I’ve posted possibly more images on my Facebook Fashionjitsu page than I have in my blog…and those that are represented have links back to the post (and attributions for  images that are not mine.)  

If you happen to be more visual also, and would prefer to review things that way, here are a few links! 🙂

There a handful MORE albums, believe it or not!  But I figured the above list was a reasonable start! 😉

I hope you enjoy it.  I’m grateful to all of you who read along, comment, and like. ❤  I’m a happy, active girl who just loves to share info.

Oilers Race Of Gentlemen

The American Hot Rod Foundation was in attendance at this years Oilers Car Club Race Of Gentlemen in Wildwood, New Jersey (first time we’ve been!)  I didn’t have an opportunity to be there, but the Founder, Director, and Curator were all present (rather like kids at a candy store!) 

The festivities were moved a week out for fear of an impending hurricane…which actually took a sharp right (or left, who remembers!?)  It was a spectacular weekend and everyone had a blast!

(C) American Hot Rod Foundation 2015 Steve and Dave in contemplation

(C) American Hot Rod Foundation 2015
Steve and Dave in contemplation


Steve and Dave (C) American Hot Rod Foundation 2015

Steve and Dave
(C) American Hot Rod Foundation 2015

The Race of Gentlemen is:

“A living history even, celebrating America’s Racing & Hot Rodding heritage.  Annually held on the beaches of the Jersey Shore.  Founded by the Oilers, a Car Club / Motorcycle Club established in 1947.”

(C) American Hot Rod Foundation 2015

(C) American Hot Rod Foundation 2015


(C) American Hot Rod Foundation 2015

(C) American Hot Rod Foundation 2015


(C) American Hot Rod Foundation 2015

(C) American Hot Rod Foundation 2015


(C) American Hot Rod Foundation 2015

(C) American Hot Rod Foundation 2015

A fabulous time was had by all this year…and by all accounts it has, and continues to grow.

A whole bunch more photos…and a TON of historical ones here. ❤

2015 Versatile Bloggers Award

Thank you SO MUCH, Singlemomtalk for the wonderful honor of being nominated for the 2015 Versatile Bloggers Award! ❤  Singlemomtalk is written by a precious, single momma of four – her blog is dedicated to inspiring other single mothers, as well as continuing her passion for Life, raising children, and photography.

Blogs nominated for the Versatile Bloggers Award are those that impact you in some way, whether each day, or every so often – it may be the love demonstrated in the images posted, or that which comes through in the words themselves…  

Or maybe it is the attention and quality of the writing, or the unique and varied subject matter.  Whatever the reason, I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity and acknowledgment. 


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.56.22 PM

Each new recipient is asked to tell their audience a few facts about themselves, helping to build a larger-but-close-knit community in the blogosphere.

Rules of the award:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. 
  2. List the rules and display the award. 
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate other amazing blogs (comment on their blogs to let them know you nominated them.)

First and foremost…

THANK YOU to all of you who take the time to read my blog – my subjects are a bit varied, and I am so thankful for the interest in some, or all of them.  I appreciate all of your likes and comments.

I read blogs from a whole host of genres, so it is somewhat an exercise in restraint to only list a few.  Know that you ALL are valued. 

My Nominees are:

  1. Ordinary Adventures
  2. Customikes
  3. I’m More Than My Curves
  4. 800 Recovery Hub Blog
  5. Live Fit, Die Yum
  6. Gains Lifestyle (used to be Protein Connoisseur)

7 Facts About Myself:

  1. Need to Move – I sometimes WANT to be lazy…but I get bored. Easily!  I always need to move on to the next thing, and must stay active.
  2. Cooking, as in Not – I’m not the “cook” in my relationship.  I bring this up because I want, at every opportunity, to give some SERIOUS kudos to my man…who always makes delicious, clean and healthy meals for us.  Often.  I’m incredibly grateful. ❤
  3. My Bike Challenge – I’m NOT a distance athlete by any stretch. But, I trained for, and completed a 300 mile road bike ride in support of ALS (and three friends so afflicted, two of whom passed since.  So blessed they knew we were out there for them before they moved on to their next adventure.  They are cherished and missed.)  I was on a road bike only 9 times prior to those three days.
  4. Music – I LOVE music and my taste is varied.  As a dancer…or perhaps just a soulful and spiritual person…I fluctuate depending on what my mind, body and spirit need. Sometimes dance, sometimes trance…rock, metal, alternative…then a waltz, a chakra meditation, or a score from an epic film… My iPod remarkably (and rather successfully!) spans a massive chasm of sound!
  5. Television – I don’t watch it.  There are rare occasions, and I will enjoy a movie with my man, but I definitely never got into it.
  6. Food – My favorite foods are salmon, steamed or roasted vegetables (as a lump sum! 😉 ), peanut butter cups.
  7. Finding Peace – I have done Craniosacral, Somatic and Alexander Technique work for about a decade collectively.  Inner peace in incredibly important to me and extends to all aspects of my Life. As and Empath, I need the self-care and reflection.

Once again, thank you so, SO much…to Singlmomtalk, and to all of you who visit, comment, like.  I vary in my topics because my Life is that way so I hope that jives for some of you too. I love my sports, love taking care of my spirit and my physical. 🙂



I have gone to Viva Las Vegas Car Show for a number of years – it’s guaranteed to be a ball.  

The hair, for one thing, is always amazing.  

I was recently looking at the Viva store, and came across the slew of pomades – for doing vintage styles, these really are a must have.  I’ve used Murray’s for Ballroom updos, but I haven’t tried Suavecito…a brand which has gotten rave reviews.  

If you have ever tried a victory roll, you know you need some help and hold – it sounds like Suavecito is on the mark, offering a variety of holds depending on your needs.  The brand also has products such as Silkening Serum, Grooming Sprays, up and coming lipsticks…and even iPhone case sand key chains for the uber fans.

The Suavecita Pinterest page is such fun, peppered with old photos, vintage inspirations and general cuteness. 🙂

This last photo is precious – some of the kids at Viva will knock your socks off they are so adorable!

Vintage Dreaminess

I have never seen a vintage screen siren NOT look gorgeous, glowing, and absolutely dreamy… It just never happened, I’m convinced!  I mean…have you?!  There is something so refined and put-together about the styling of the early to mid 1900’s – Bobby Pin Blog is an adorable tribute to the very subject.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending many wonderful car shows over the last few years – at Viva Las Vegas in particular (example, as above), I am always inspired (and, frankly, wowed!) by the beautiful looks the ladies create.  The hair, the makeup, the apparel…it’s vintage glam, and retro pinup, alive and fabulously well.  (Mind you, the gentleman are rather dapper TOO!)

The girls are incredibly talented at doing their own hair and makeup – it isn’t easy to do, necessarily, and it takes time.  So I am always impressed, especially for those with log locks (my days in Ballroom were required some fancy, sculptural updos, and I can assure you…I was NOT the one doing them.)  

There are a lot of excellent tutorials out there, but there are also a few books on the market (these are from HRST Books) that can help a newbie learn the tricks of the trade, or give a seasoned stylist a new idea or two.

 The newest one is for brides, who are looking for vintage-inspired hairstyles…

I love that there are more and more publications about the styling specifically – reproducing the looks can be done, but it does take a bit of learning, as we have gotten away from it a bit.  I love to see the ladies who live this every day…in MODERN times.  Every girl deserves to feel like a pinup! 🙂


Sunday Style

We’ve been having an unseasonably cold Spring, I have to say…but it doesn’t stop hot rodders, for sure.  So long as it isn’t hailing, snowing, or pouring like mad (roadster + leather seats + rainstorm = BAD NEWS!)…it’s game on.


The sun was out, chasing away the chill with a broad and beaming smile, making it a perfect day to enjoy the gorgeousness of two ’32s.  I can’t claim to have had great camera exposure (many friends of mine are photographers – CRAZY talented ones, at that!), so I’m almost a bit embarrassed… But…a person can tell a car was being photographed, so it all works out. 😉

These two are particularly stunning – the burgundy and tan manages a sophisticated-but-sassy air, and the navy with tonal pinstriping, baby blue accents and interior is cool and classy (I’d say the same if we were talking pencil skirts and pumps, rest assured.)


We don’t get to see too many hot rods ’round here, which is a shame – they have a way of making a day so much more fun.  MAGIC! 😀

There are local meets around and about, but for the big shows, we usually head out to California.  The New England Hot Rod Reunion in New Hampshire is a nice new show, adding a sister to the Hot Rod Reunion out West (happy about it, as it allows New England Rodders a closer venue!)  I kind of feel like sightings are really special out my way, in this case, and it’s always a great opportunity to snag some cool shots. ❤ 



Six Bunnies Sass

I don’t have little ones yet…save for three gorgeous, melanistic felines!  I know I’d never catch anyone in my town shopping for tats or badassery for their progeny, but you can bet I’ll be getting something sassy one day for mine!  

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.47.35 PM


I have the blessing to work with a lot of hot rodders so I’ve spent ample time at shows where “pinup,” and ’50s styling is the in thing.  It’s not a trend, mind you, and it’s not half-done – these folks live it, and LOVE it.  It is a joy to be around, and frankly a refreshing departure from the ever-changing, ultra fickle World that fashion has become.  

There is no longer an “it” anything – there are about a thousand “it” items these days.  A person can get anything, anywhere, at any time…and styles are incredibly vast and varied . While all that is great (on a number of levels), it’s so nice to see REAL retro – these ladies and gents spend time perfecting the look, and it has a real charm about it.  

I remember seeing two little boys at Viva Las Vegas one year, both in cuffed Levis, exclaiming over some cool pomade they bought for their pompadoos (I don’t say pompadour, since they were little things – they get the cuter, “little guy” version. 😉 ) It was so adorable I actually asked permission to take a photo of them!  (If I can track it down, I’ll add it in.) Often, I will see babies ’50s-fied at the shows, some in their own little hot rodded strollers or wagons – it’s to die-for-adorable. ❤

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.08.29 PM

Viva Las Vegas 2013

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.45.45 PM


Six Bunnies reminds me of some of the cuteness I see worn (and being sold) at Viva, and like shows – it’s positively precious, any way you take it…especially ON.  So I had to share because whether you have little ones or not, it’s hard not to say “OMG” and just smile ear to ear when you see a toddler in a Six Bunny onsie. ❤

Six Bunnies

Six Bunnies FB



Cruisin’ In Style

I don’t hear enough people say these words as much as they should (or, if not the words specifically, I’m not hearing enough people express the sentiment(s) behind them!)…

My parents are awesome. Flat. Out. AWESOME.  

I like to tease my father that he’s a “nerd” – he’s incredibly bright, meticulous, seems to be good at anything he puts his mind to.  He is my idol in so many ways, and has taught me so much.  So even though I tease him (isn’t that my purpose!?), the truth of it is…he’s a smartypants with sick STYLE.  

Forget that he wears a badass biker chain attached to his heavy-weight, embossed leather wallet… And forget the crazy rad denim he wears… He also has a real “thing” for hot rods.  

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.27.02 PM

My father started fiddling around with engines around the tender age of eleven or twelve – he and my uncle would help neighbors and friends with various and sundry “car projects,” and fixes…so it’s fair to say he had “the bug,” and the drive to learn, early on.

In 2002, he extended his passion into a non profit, the American Hot Rod Foundation, with which I have had the pleasure of working for some years.  Over that time, we’ve gone to countless shows, met incredible people…and seen a TON of g o r g e o u s vehicles.  We are going out to Bowling Green in June or so, and since I haven’t been before, I am sure I will be snapping photos like mad.

AHRF at GNRS in Pamona 2015

AHRF at GNRS in Pamona 2015

We don’t really get to see a lot of hot rods around us – in part, the North Eastern weather patterns cut “daily driver” time down (rain and snow really aren’t ideal, much that the drivers protest!)  So when he takes his out, they inevitably cause a stir.  “What IS it?” some people actually ask…  

They sound uh-mazing!

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.26.54 PM

They LOOK badass… Pinstriped louvers, moon tank, chopped, channeled, white wall tires… whatever!

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.27.02 PM

They even smell great!

Spring has finally graced us with her beauty, so the warmer weather means more bonding time with Daddy-O!  Driving downtown to run errands is a BLAST in these babies (he favors 1932 Fords.)  It’s an incredible treat, not only to ride around in one…but to have that time with my father, who is an amazing man…in SO many ways.  And boy oh boy, does he have STYLE!