What If?

We are all a little too well-versed in self deprecation and leaning towards the negativity tides.

Let’s try focusing on the good all around, releasing the need to put ourselves down, and approach life with gratitude.  I’m willing to bet magic will unfold before our very eyes…

2 thoughts on “What If?

  1. Thank you so much for the comment, @gwennym!! You are very right about this – when it is “close to home,” it can be a bear to overcome. I like to try to envision a glowing white bubble around me (though I confess I need to do it MORE!) I also try to catch myself getting moody because of other energy around me – since it isn’t all mine to bear, it sometimes helps me re-calibrate. But it’s never easy for sure (especially for us HSP / Empath types.) I remind myself that it’s okay for me to feel and to be human also. That’s a big one too!

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