Nutrition (And Martial Arts?!) Humor – Choose To Live Healthy, by Oscar Ramos

I stumbled across this artwork, “Choose To Live Healthy,” by Oscar Ramos completely by accident (Behance, by the way, has a TON of badassery (and info about artists who create it.))

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone so vehemently illustrate the idea of sticking to a healthy diet. . . 

(C) Oscar Ramos (Behance -

(C) Oscar Ramos (Behance –

Or, maybe I should say, illustrate healthy foods so unapologetically leveling poorer nutritional choices with what appears to be a mix of Ninjutsu-esqu Martial Arts techniques… (I’ll admit, the body slam *is* a little WWE.)

(C) Oscar Ramos (Behance -

(C) Oscar Ramos (Behance –

I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t want to go head to head with that banana, see that corncob in a dark alley…or…heaven forbid…make the mistake of purchasing those sneakers. 

(C) Oscar Ramos (Behance -

(C) Oscar Ramos (Behance –

I mean…I don’t know… It makes ME (AND my popcorn) think twice.

Wildly humorous, a wee bit terrifying, and gorgeously rendered!


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