Martial Arts Humor – I Have No Idea

It kind of makes me feel better to proclaim this – as emphatically as I’m able (thanks, large-scale font!) – because in Life, in general, I often feel like I have no clue.

It isn’t that I feel like it gets me off the hook, so much as it accounts for potential (let’s be honest, likely) foibles. Yes. . .I falter, fail, trip, tumble, aaand sometimes fall flat on my face.  (Ever see a dancer fall?  We aren’t always so graceful!)


Oh, I know, it’s always important to act like we know what we are doing – don’t get me wrong, I think we need to make plenty of room for that:

Presenting to the President and VP of a Company?  OWN it.  

Competing for a title in your sport? Walk onto the floor like you have trained harder than everyone else (it beats talent, you know!)  even if you haven’t.

Testing in your sport, or in school?  Act like you have it ALL under control and that YES, you meant that move, and believe in that answer.

In other areas, though…it’s okay to admit you aren’t on top of your game.  There’s nothing wrong with being new – it’s whether you are willing to learn and make it happen.  It does make me feel better during Master Cycle class, for one, though, to say I’ve got no idea – You go through the Combatives curriculum and testing feeling – for once, FINALLY – like you aren’t drowning.  Then, WHAM!  It’s like swimming with sharks all over again – minus, mind you, having any fins.  In that case. . .I have n o   i d e a   what I’m doing.  And admitting it says “I’m here to learn.  I’m here to review.  I’m not here to get mauled, or *try* to disassemble you.”

I wonder if they make this saying on Gi patches. . . Fair forewarning?


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