Why So Serious?

I have a little bit of trouble taking things to heart too much – when I discovered I was an Empath many moons ago, it was like sudden illumination in a very dark and confusing place.  I feel I am often too hard on myself, and there is no question that down and dreary things pull on my heart strings more than most.

Still, I don’t feel badly about my sensitivity anymore – what can leave me incredibly vulnerable is also a phenomenal gift.  I am acutely aware of my shortcomings but I also know that I am doing the best I can and, at the end of the day, I actually DO care about being better than I was yesterday.

For me, it’s important to laugh as much as possible – the mind of an Empath is particularly active and loves to take the reins (not always a good thing.) So staying active, and looking for the positives when Life isn’t always so peachy, keeps me from taking the heaviness of the world on my own shoulders.


Evenings with my fiancé always light me up – for more reasons that I can express.  We went to dinner – off the cuff – in a neighboring town recently, and it was a blast.  Why? Presence.  Staying present allows you to enjoy everything that is going on around you, as well as appreciate those who are with you!  No worrying about the million wedding plans that are going on, or the stressful boss, or the near-100 degree heat.  Just us.  Not taking ourselves seriously, and enjoying being together.

There was a lamp on our table and while he was looking something up, I took these positively ridiculous selfies.  When he wasn’t looking I sent them to him for a laugh.  They ended up also going to our parents, which made the silliness of the whole thing even funnier.

The small little laughs you have can make such a difference in Life.  It’s important we remember to stay focused on what is in front of us  – at that moment – and to not take ourselves so seriously all the time.  Your heart could use the break, as much as the rest of you (maybe your brain most of all?)

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