4 thoughts on “Fitness Humor – It’s All MINE!

    • You definitely have a point…and it is definitely rare! If I heard a Black Label Society song come on, I’d probably start running around with my “horns” in the air going “YEAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! WHAT!?” *LOL*


      • After 24 years of lifting, I actually left the gym rat life because of the sensory overload (and disappearing courtesy). I miss the old days when all you could hear was grunting, plates clanging, and massive men laughing as they teased the everloving shit out of each other.

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      • That’s definitely the kind of environment I prefer too – most of my buddies are the HUGE, older guys, who feel the same way. I’ve been lifting for 25 years myself (alarming – I started at 13!) and some gyms have too much of a “scene” for me. In those cases, I put my buds in and do my own thing. Fortunately, the one I go to has a ton of Martial Artists so I feel like I’m in good company. 🙂


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