Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

I saw a ton of posts about this some months ago.  I questioned it…and then moved on.  But it cropped up again – review from BritishBeautyBlogger – so I perused the comments to see if it has been living up to its initial hype.  

The Dyson Supersonic is $399.00…so it kind of IS like buying a vacuum.  Which…not going to lie…I totally equated it to.  I actually HAVE a Dyson vacuum, and one of the fans so…

Anyway, it’s a pretty interesting contraption, and definitely a new breed as far as hair dryers go.  The Dyson claims to keep your hair from getting too overheated (a common problem) by means of an “intelligent heat control” that measures the air temperature 20 times in each second it is being used.  For the price this goes for, I’d expect nothing less, honestly – game on, microprocessor!  

This fancy gadget…er…dryer quietly (not silently) blows dried your hair with, or without magnetic attachments.  It appears to dry thoroughly, though whether it is quicker than a standard drier is still up in the air (in this review.)

I feel like while it did a nice job, it’s still a bit too steep for what it delivers.  I haven’t tried it so perhaps it’s unfair of me to say.  But there’s one thing I always DO appreciate, which is sheen – this dryer didn’t seem to contribute to that part at all (bummer) but then a fully-dry head of hair does keep frizz at bay, and one can add the shine serum later.

What do you make of it?


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