Bringing Back The 90’s – Rebel’s Market

I feel like this isn’t the first of the “bring-back-the-90s” campaigns of late – was also reminiscing about the oddities of the Runway back when I was in my tweens. . .but in a way, how can you not miss it? (I never really thought I’d say that.) There was just SO much attitude.

Rebel’s Market also seems to be taking a trip down memory lane…  I came across my own combat boots while posting this – how a la mode am I!? *lol* 

The header was priceless – I mean who else would it be?  Cry-Baby, naturally.

Remember the oversized plaid shirts?  Should I even admit that I owned them?  It was cool to look slovenly, and devoid of any figure back then, but I’m not sure I could pull of “unkempt” at my age.

Docs.  Yes, Doc Marten’s were “the” cat’s meow.  A friend of mine in high school had a pair she bought in Egypt – dark purple velvet with a mass of rubber cylinders for a heel – totally avant grade (and therefore badass.)  I thought the petrol leather ones were awesome too – all sorts of renegade.

There was something to be said for witchery too, back in the day – for me it’s EVERY day, but I get that some only hop on the wagon when things “trend!”  Sporting moon phases, obscure (or obvious) phrases in other tongues… Smokey eyes and brick red lips.  Yep, all par for the 90’s course!

If you feel like delving back into the sea and reliving those years (provided you were living at ALL at that time), Rebel’s Market has “gone” there…  Dive in!  The clothing is warm!

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