Martial Arts Humor – Breaking

Fortunately in Taekwondo, we didn’t spend too much time breaking.  I wouldn’t say it’s utterly useless (trust me, I’m not making any grandiose statements.) What I am saying is more that I’m not sure when I’d need it, save for my promotions.  I think a lot of outsiders wonder as well.  Were I an officer in need of potentially breaking in doors, maybe it would be more handy.  Or if I wanted to be more confident in the strength and mental control in penetrating matter with my fist?  

(C) (Having trouble reading the artist's name - if you know, please share!)

(C) (Having trouble reading the artist’s name – if you know, please share!)

For me personally, though, focusing my efforts elsewhere has been more of a help.  I do think it’s pretty incredible when a human being can demolish cinder blocks – as in, like, ten at once.  But generally speaking, I feel that other techniques are equally as useful as far as honing physical skills while also mastering mental concentration, and direction of energies.

I could – admittedly – help but giggle when I saw the cartoon above.  There were some techniques along the way that made me think “and why am I doing this again?”  Practicality is always my first line of defense.

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