Disney, Tim Burton Style

So this has nothing to do with…well, nothing…BUT…I can’t help but share this awesome article about artist Andrew Tarusov and his newest series.

My inner Goth vampiness about burst at the seams when I saw these Tim Burton-esque renditions of traditional Disney characters (Tarusov has done saucy versions too – also pretty fabulous, albeit in more of a Betty Page kind of way!)

Andrew Tarusov

Andrew Tarusov

In my mind, this is more the way Disney should be…but then that bean bag bat with glowing, ruby, rhinestone eyes WAS my favorite toy at age 5. . .

Andrew Tarusov

Andrew Tarusov

At 4, my favorite “movie” as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. . .so I guess that also lends a clue to my, er, eccentricity?  Who’s to say – just knowing someone took the time to do all this is fair indication that I’m not alone, oddity or not! 

Andrew Tarusov

Andrew Tarusov

I’d like to follow that with a resounding “HA!”

Creep on, Mr. Burton.  Creep on.



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