My Boys…And My Love

I was away this past weekend and, as always, missed my boys tremendously.  My fiance (who I also missed terribly!) is the sweetest man on the planet, I’m convinced…

Not only did he FaceTime with them while they were eating (how cute is THAT?!)…


But he also took some sweet shots to send along.


Musashi’s back foot kills me! ❤

These are of my Musashi.  Keku was so ravenous HIS FaceTimes came out blurry! 😉

What is so touching to me about it, is that my fiance is the kind of person who thinks to do this. I have been in so many dreadful relationships and frankly, not one would have thought to send me a photo of my cats – who are, by the way, my family!  

Small gestures can hold HUGE value – I feel so blessed and thankful, and always remind others that they deserve the same.


Thoughtfulness goes a long way.

And SO does saying

“Thank you”…

“I appreciate that!”

…and “I love you.”

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