Edible Nail Polish…

So I’d LIKE to say this is a terrible joke but…I guess it isn’t? (I’m positioning that statement as a question because I am still kind of horrified.)

BritishBeautyBlogger was surprised too.  Personally, the thought of edible polish is dreadful on it’s own…but what compounds this whole situation is the backer who is running campaigns to see whether this has any ground (voters, please don’t!)  If you didn’t click above, the company behind tis markreting launch is none other than KFC – in effort to promote new flavors, and their “original” spices, they have decided to coordinate in the beauty sphere.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 11.53.39 AM.png

Adweek Credit (link below)

Color me baffled – that’s a connection I simply do not see.  Cherry?  No.  Strawberry?  Definitely not.  These flavors have everything to do with KFC…which means FRIED CHICKEN.

No, but seriously?

Yes… Ad Week shares more.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 11.53.29 AM.png

Adweek Credit (link above!)

Forgive me when I say I am not surprised that this effort is rolling out in Hong Kong, as opposed to here in the States.  While the USA is alarmingly overweight and indulges – OFTEN – in this kind of cuisine, a flavored nail polish of this ilk is beyond “too much” for this crowd.  In Hong Kong, however, it isn’t just fashion whose envelope is pushed – the beauty industry overseas is ALWAYS challenging the norm, innovating, and creating “needs” consumers didn’t even know they had.

Still…I’m having a tough time digesting (truly, NO pun intended) the concept, and wonder whether people will embrace this novelty enough that KFC find success with it…even in Hong Kong, where quirky is (or can be) king.

Will this leap of creativity inspire or encourage other brands?  Who knows.  I’m not even sure the “scented” versions of polishes sold when they came out – they were announced, and almost instantly faded into the background. I’m *kind of* hoping this does too. Eek.


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