Visit to The Farm

I had the fortune to visit my wedding venue last weekend – it is a working farm that runs a restaurant, a wonderful venue barn and loft, and a vast expanse of GORGEOUS property.  My husband-to-be an I adore the rural feel – there’s nothing quite like being in nature surrounded by peace, quiet, and animals!


The fragrance of the earth and sky permeates my every cell, and always has – I just feel so much more relaxed and “in my element” in a natural environment than when I am in a city.  (That said, we do live in a city, and come from a bustling town…but Little-Miss-Empath moi needs the solace sometimes, and this setting was like heaven for my soul.)

On the property they also have a teeny, tiny cafe, with a small selection of foods to choose from – 60 to 80% of the restaurant and cafe’s food comes from the farm itself, depending on the season.  Now I may well be incredibly particular about what I ingest but I was able to find plenty for a delicious, satisfying afternoon snack!  



The freshness of the foods is something I appreciated enormously – it’s tough to find eggs like that anywhere, for one (save for my friend’s farm in South Carolina!)  It was a real treat, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude knowing that such a special day will take place in such a spectacular environment…with all the goodness of what’s grown.


So much goes into running that kind of facility – I buy a TON of produce and I do try to be mindful of how much is going into the growing of the foods when I go to the store (not only when I am able to get them at peak freshness.)  

It was a beautiful day whose rain showers generously gave way to the sun, allowing us to truly enjoy the time we spent there.  I am elated, over the moon, and simply cannot wait to be there to say “I do!” 

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