John Frieda 10 Day Tamer

10!?  I mean…I’ve heard of three…  I’ve even heard claims of up to 7 days.  But 10?  I’m impressed!

John Frieda is the frizz-kill king, as it were, having birthed some heavy hitters in the world of tress-taming products over the years.  His newest to the lineup, Frizz Ease 10 Day Tamer, is a pre-wash treatment designed to keep your locks under control for over a week solid.  It is applied to dry hair, left on for ten minutes, and washed as your normal routine dictates.

Treatments at the salon with Keratin can be lengthy, a bit high maintenance (you have to wait a day to sweat at all – for an athlete?  NO GOOD!), AND they can be costly.  So I love that companies are devising ways to bring us smoother strands (especially as the humid heat of summer approaches) that won’t cause us to break the bank.

Britishbeautyblogger gave it a whirl, so here is her review, for one!  The reviews online haven’t been stellar (or, in fairness, let’s say they range the gamut of great to poor)…but reviews are also few in number, as this is a recent launch.  Curious to hear more about it as time moves on, and it is available in-store as well. 


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