Garnier SkinActive Oil Infused Micellar Water

Garner has a new edition to the Micellar Water lineup – SkinActive Oil Infused Micellar Water.  The newbie is specifically designed with dry and sensitive skin in mind, which I was thrilled to see!

It is a no-rinse “water” infused with Argan Oil, a bit of a new twist in comparison to many others out there.  The product cleanses the skin of impurities and all the layers you might have applied in the morning (including waterproof makeup) without being greasy or irritating to skin or eyes.  

Boots UK

Boots UK

Cleansing our skin is HUGELY important, so I don’t mind the extra step – I personally don’t use Micellar Waters solo though because, as an athlete, I am sweating and on mats a lot.  I like to be more traditional and wash my face with a cleanser and water (I’ve also used a Clarisonic for years, which I love.)

If you have found the other Waters to be either too drying, too irritating, or just not gentle and hydrating enough, this option might be worth checking out!  I haven’t seen it in the USA as yet, but it is on Boots online, as above.  Interested in trying this..?

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