Magic and Miracles

I wrote a post just over one month ago…  One month and five days, to be exact.  

I wrote about HIM...

Last Night, my heart skipped more than a beat…  The very construct of time was arrested, I am certain of it.  I cannot recall those moments…fractions of moments…without an unyielding rush of joy.  


I feel unable to express my sentiments justly with words – it is not so much an exercise in futility to endeavor to do so, just that no combination of sounds or letters feel adequate enough to enumerate my infinite gratitude.

Perhaps it is enough to say, then, that I not only believe in Magic and Miracles…but that I know them to exist.

I never needed to “see to believe”. . .so imagine how powerful it is when Life unfolds before your very eyes, animating love and breath where it had once extinguished. . .





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