Triceps Workout

So it seems a bit odd but sometimes I don’t do multiple muscle arm workout…sometimes I just do ONE group.  I train in Martial Arts several times a week so for me, overtraining could become and issue.  That aside, when I am too sore in too many places, I compromise my training.

SO…the other day I was working on my tris.  Having “guns” as a woman – to me – is a great thing.  I love the feeling of being strong and holding my own.  I’m not exactly pressing 50 lb dumbbells behind my back, but I use a good amount of weight for my size, and it gives me results.


The exercises I do generally include the following (though changing it up here and there IS a good thing!):

  • Overhead Triceps Extension  – Using a bench
    • I keep my feet up ON the bench deliberately to ensure my lower back is pressing down, and not arching.  I see that too much!)
  • Diamond Pushups
    • Often, I will do more reps on my knees – I have a clicky tendon in my elbows and this allows me to complete the movement without exacerbating that too much.  It’s an AWESOME exercise to target tris.
  • Dips – Weighted pull up machine
    • I do these on a weighted machine (the same one I will do pull ups and chin-ups on.)  This allows me to get a good amount of weight for the exercise, but to also be able to do more than one!  My whole bodyweight is too much!
  • Dips – Using a bench
    • Putting my hands behind me with a 90 degree bend in my arms, I do a higher number of reps for these, for about three sets
  • Triceps Pushdown
    • This can be with a cable or on a machine.  I alternate between both.
  • Triceps Extension – Using a cable
    • I face away from the cable station and extend my arms up and over my head (facing forward) to get a nice burn.
  • Dumbbell Kickback
    • I will sometimes do these standing (bent over of course, with my free arm on my knee for support) or I will lean forward on a decline bench (chest against the bench.)
  • Pulses
    • I turn lighter dumbbells horizontally, and pulse them behind my back in a smaller range of motion.  These are deceptive – they burn!  And, they get the smaller muscles I recruit less when moving heavier weight.
  • Bench Press – Close grip
    • This is great to target the tris!


There are, of course, tons more options, but these are my go-tos most of the time.  I don’t have enormous triceps by any stretch, but I feel strong, and appreciate that I can move furniture all by myself! 😉


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.21.24 AM

Found on Pinterest (if anyone knows the credit, please let me know!)

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