Nutrition Humor – Secondhand Carbohydrates

This gave me a giggle – I do try to eat really clean, but I also make a point not to make a fuss over other people’s choices.  It is NONE of my business!

I used to work in an office where people would constantly comment on my healthier choices.  I couldn’t figure it out.  I didn’t see what was so wrong about yogurt, oatmeal, chicken, what the big deal was, or why it was of any interest anyway – I was practically chained to my desk so I was in my own darn space bothering NO one! *insert disgruntled face here*

But…it was as if they couldn’t help themselves.  It truly was almost every day!  I never pointed out the fries or chicken wings, so it felt out of balance to me…and, to be honest, a bit annoying!

In any case, this cartoon is where the tables turn – I’m relatively certain that despite that carbs don’t love me, I wouldn’t say this, but I do have some fitness buds who might!  

(c) Randy Glasbergen

(c) Randy Glasbergen

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