Surround Yourself With Good People

I moved from my hometown about six months ago – it was a tumultuous time for me, and while a WONDERFUL thing (I wouldn’t change it for the world, since I am with my love!), leaving my friends and family was a big challenge.  

I wanted to get “settled” as soon as I could, so I sought out activities I knew I would love, such as Martial Arts.  In so doing, I knew I would meet like-minded individuals, and I was very much eager to do so – my hunnie and I had ZERO acquaintances here.  

Though we differ, perhaps, in circumstances (work, experience, specific activities, whether we have a family or not…) my friends and I have many shared interests and attributes.  I’d say that we are generally very passionate people who love to learn new skills.  We set goals,  We believe in approaching Life with a positive attitude, and laughing as much as we can along the way.  Most of us have, or still do participate in Martial Arts (though that’s more a function of how and where I met them! 🙂 )


I wasn’t necessarily nervous about making new friends but I’m not terribly “social” in the sense that I go and hang out in bars and what have you.  I assumed I’d meet folks at the gym, or at the dojo, but I was hoping I could fall into a groove relatively quickly – a new place can certainly be intimidating!  


I feel really thankful to have met some lovely people already who I know I can share some laughs with, supportive hollering as one kicks the other person’s pads, or just a sympathetic “I’m exhausted!” with.  Not to mention random splits, because…er…why not?  We keep things entertaining, I guess you could say…and that kind of silliness always brightens the day (especially in a new place!)

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