Travel Snacks and Meals

I recently had to head back home for a weekend and, despite that I stay at my parents’ house, I always have to hit the road prepared!  

It is true that living a fit and healthy life can mean that you need to think in advance, but it sincerely ISN’T a hassle (or doesn’t have to be!)  Once you get the hang of it, healthy eating on the go is pretty easy to achieve – physical benefits aside, you will also emotionally feel better that you took some time to prepare, allowing you to make better food choices along the way.

I took a bunch of goodies on the road with me – not only to snack on during the long ride, but also to have as in-between-meal snacks (and, admittedly, MIDNIGHT snacks!) for my stay.  Generally I take more than I need, but I’d rather do so than feel famished, then reaching for a less-healthy option.  Here’s what I took along for the few day trip:


  • Single servings of Almond Milk – used for coffee, since lactose is no longer my friend!
  • Via Instant coffee – I drink one cup a day in the morning.  Since I often workout in the morning, it always provided a lil’ extra boost!)
  • Pistachios – great, healthy fats and protein = filling snack!  Just be careful with portions!
  • Almonds – as above! 🙂
  • Chomperz Seaweed Chips – love these for a salty, crunchy, relatively healthy option.  LOVE that it’s portion controlled!
  • Organic Fuji Apples – perfect combination of crunch and sweetness, plus fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins!
  • 35 Calorie Maple twisty cookies – I get these at the supermarket.  I might eat one or two a day if I need something sweet.  They aren’t hefty in the stats department, and they don’t have much sugar (which I generally steer clear of) so I like the option, as it will stave off sweet cravings.
  • Flavored gum – Gum isn’t great for you, AND it can add to your waistline because of the air you can take in unknowingly.  That said, sometimes it can stave off a sweet tooth, and keep you from chomping down on extra calories.
  • Touch of Olive Oil Popcorn – I love popcorn!  The one I buy has popcorn, sea salt, and olive oil…period.  It IS kind of easy to eat a ton, so important to portion out…but it’s a fun, light, not-terrible-for-you choice if you are craving a traditional kind of snack food.
  • Frozen veggies – yes, they could make the trip (I use cold storage shopping bags!)  I eat several pounds of veggies DAILY, so it is kind of a must have for me!
  • Chia Bars – I LOVE the chocolate peanut butter flavor and often it’s a wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night snack for me.  Good, bad, or otherwise, call it a VERY long-time habit!


When I GOT to the house I had a little time to go shopping for other meal items. I already had the veggies, and my parents had whole eggs, as well as fresh fruits, so it was off to the produce and poultry aisles!  I usually try to find the organic ground chicken or turkey, but settled for what they had (wasn’t terrible), and snagged a carton of egg whites for breakfast.  As a note, our Whole Foods will ground breast meat for you at the counter, as other markets might – worth asking!


I’m not a cook by any stretch, so anything I DO make is incredibly simple. The fresh mushrooms got tossed into a pan with the ground chicken, to which I added a bit of salt and pepper and a dash of low-calorie teriyaki sauce for flavor.  Plain jane but uber delicious! 🙂 


Breakfast was an egg with some egg whites and, not surprisingly, a hefty side of veggies (I love to add some salsa too for an extra kick.)  This actually is my usual fare to start the day, along with my cup of coffee with almond milk.


I definitely had enough for the weekend, and didn’t find myself overly hungry or in need of something else (scouring the pantry hungry is never a good idea!)  I brought a few things back home, which was A-OK with me – I’d rather be overly prepared than reach for something I…or my tummy…won’t be happy about later!

For more of my meals…click here. 🙂 


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