Thoughts become truths… You must not only believe it, but LIVE it. May you achieve what you set out to, Kris!

Coach Kris TKD

It was one of my new years resolutions to continue to write, edit and post each week. However, with the current training schedule it doesn’t seem practical. I’m literally eating, sleeping and breathing a two step goal:
1) Get to Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
2) Win it.

Many people in high school say they live their sport and I believed I did that too.

Until now.
In a brief overview. I eat, drink, train, eat, drink, sleep, train, eat, drink, sleep, train, eat, drink, journal, sleep. Repeat the next day.


[In a detailed overview: I wake up 6:00, assess goals, meditate and visualize, say affirmations and eat and watch something motivational while I eat breakfast. 7:20 rolls around I get ready for practice. 7:40 I take a vitamin C and a B12 and leave for practice. First practice ends around 9-9:30. 10-15 minutes extra for rolling and stretching while I drink a recovery or protein…

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