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Ain’t this the truth…?!

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I once “levitated” off the back end of my friend’s horse, having come upon a ghastly banana spider spiderweb (creator, dead center!) which would have been a chest plate had I proceeded on my forward trajectory.

No, Sir, I went back and down immediately, with some sort of kihap on the way down.  Babe, my wonderful horse, stopped and stood, ever so stately (probably trying not to let on his true estimation of me.  That’s right – moron!  It was a long way down.)

I’m delighted to report, however, that my training afforded me the ability to maneuver back up-and-over from a low ditch without much trouble.  It was worth the effort to have avoided the sticky, spider-infested wrap I would have been wearing otherwise.

I was very much a full-on Ninja at that moment.  Now…to be that way ALL the time.

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