Narcissistic Abuse is Domestic Abuse

Incredibly true. Thankful to this blog, and 800RecoveryBlog for their amazing posts.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Park woman sadness autumn loneliness

October is in full gear, bringing with it pumpkins, Halloween, harvest, Thanksgiving, and warm thoughts of sweaters and mugs of hot cocoa.

It also marks Domestic Violence Awareness month. Sadly, there are families out there who won’t get to enjoy the festivities of the Fall season because they live with an abuser.

When we think of domestic abuse, we typically think of husbands or wives who beat their partners and/or children. But did you know that domestic abuse also includes psychological abuse, including threats of violence and verbal/emotional abuse? Some of the worst abuse occurs without any physical contact.

You do not have to be physically battered to be considered a victim of abuse.  Abuse is any behavior that is used to intimidate or control another person.  In fact, emotional abuse and manipulation tactics are similar to the psychological warfare that’s used in military prison camps. Guards at…

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