Adding Ambient

You may have heard…Hourglass is adding four new Ambient Powders – The original Ambient Light Powders became a major player in the land of Highlighting and Strobing.  I almost want to say they had something to do with the technique becoming mainstream.

Ambient Stöbe Lighting Powder

Ambient Stöbe Lighting Powder

Well, if the six weren’t enough for you, Hourglass has launched four more, designed specifically to “strobe.”  Included in the Ambient Strobe Lighting Powders:

  • Incandescent Strobe Light (opalescent pearl for a celestial highlight)
  • Iridescent Strobe Light (illuminating pink for a soft highlight)
  • Euphoric Strobe Light (pearlescent beige for a natural highlight)
  • Brilliant Strobe Light (shimmering gold for a lustrous highlight)

The trend has become enormous enough that mass market brands have jumped on the bandwagon, and are launching their own versions (Nyx for one.)  To help you get your glow on, the company is also offering a new Ambient Strobe Light Sculptor.  Is it worth $22?  I can’t totally say, but I do like that it takes an applicator sponge one step further by adding a velvet pad on the bottom to blend – neat “add.”

Ambient Stöbe Lighting Sculptor

Ambient Stöbe Lighting Sculptor

I love barely-there, natural-looking (even under light) highlighters so I like that the originals were soft-focus.  That said, they still had shimmer, which I try to avoid – in daylight it is more obvious, and I’d rather be noticed for my skin, not my added shimmer.  So I’m not 100% sure how these look on the skin just yet but I’m eager to see!  I have found some great alternatives, ps, including from Hard Candy, which is substantially less costly if you aren’t sure!



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