New Nyxiness!

So as a follow-up to my other post “Nix Hydra Touch Brightener”...there are is a ton of new Nyxiness for you to check out on Ulta.  

Not only that, though, I actually saw these IN-store a few days ago – not just the Brightener, but most of these products!  Why am I excited?  Well, as most of you know, we see the newness online WELL before the products make into the stores (the wait time before we can test them out is a drag!)  But, because a lot of retailers are changing up their cosmetic planograms for the new year and new seasons, many of the new items are in store faster than usual (so I’ve noticed.)

I think my favorite item is the Sculpt And Highlight Face Duo.  While there are tons of double-ended products out there, this one is really nice – it’s creamy and smooth, and I love color combinations.  I bought the Ivory/Taupe (LOVE that it’s taupe hue, not a bronze – works amazingly as a sultry gaze deepener! 😉 )

The additional colors are:

  • Light/Almond
  • Vanilla/Caramel
  • Peach/Cinnamon
  • Sand/Chestnut
  • Honey/Espresso

I love the names too… 🙂

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