Ballroom’s White Lines

White eyeliner is one of the bigger “tricks” in ballroom when it comes to widening the eyes.  Up close, we are more like porcelain…er…tanned…dolls.  Makeup and hair HAS to be perfect, but it isn’t all for no reason.

As a performer it is incredibly important that the audience (and the judges!) can see your expression – it is as much a part of that performance as the movements.  We are actors, actresses, and instruments…and our emotions are part of the “story” we are telling.

@nicoal_ann shared this photo on Nyx’s trend sharing page, and it stood out immediately

The white and black eye liners are paired so smoothly, and the overall effect is PERFECT for Ballroom competition. Sometimes we would extend the black liner out further, flanking the white wings, to create a wider eye, but this works too.  The white on the inner rim, and at the tear and outside areas helps to open the eye, making sure our sassy, sultry gaze doesn’t disappear between the floor and where you are seated!

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