Hmmm…one of the more interesting looking items I’ve seen lately.  SUPER active I may be, I baby the heck out of my lashes (yes, I moisturize them too! 😉 ) I’m therefore always curious when I see things designed for fluttering fringe…

The product, however, isn’t anything particularly futuristic or anything, despite its unusual first appearance.  What is it then?  It’s the world’s first “airtight” mascara.  Why is that so special, you ask?  Evidently it is quicker drying than most mascaras on the market, and housed in a twist-pen-type applicator.  (Doesn’t feel crazy novel, but I haven’t seen reviews as yet.)

Cosmopak 1derLASH

Cosmopak 1derLASH

Per Cosmetics Business:

The revolutionary patented airtight mascara twist pen incorporates a super light, luscious formula in an airtight, simple twist pen. The micro flex applicator can be made in any colour, while the super flexi applicators separate and coat lashes without causing irritation.

We provide a full service, customisable production offering a variety of colours in a light, fast drying texture. This formula is perfect for layering and building density on the lashes as well as providing lash growth if you opt to include peptides. To use, simply twist the base to deliver the mascara to the patented comb giving separation and definition to lashes using a new 180° sweep application.

The airtight design increases the shelf life, helping the 1derLASH Pen to last and perform longer. Independent testing has proven this design reduces presence of bacteria inside the 1derLASH Pen in comparison to standard mascaras. The design does not allow the brush to dry out under normal storage conditions and helps it to stay moist.

I dunno… IF mascara is your #1 must have, this might be worth a check out.  There are so many great formulas out there, I’m not sure I’m convinced this will sway the masses, save for dramatic results…or substantial increase in shelf life.  I don’t feel really wowed…

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