Winter 2016 – Nars Matte Velvet Skin

There isn’t much about this out there as yet, so thanks to BritishBeautyBlogger for sharing what she knows, as well as her own review.

Nars is an incredible brand, and one near and dear to my heart – I could enumerate the products I used in Ballroom at length!  The pigmentation and formulas is always spectacular, so I wouldn’t be surprised if these Velvet Skin Tints have built up quite a demand by February 1st when they launch.

It sounds like this product manages to stay matte while maintaining a healthy glow – not an easy feat, but one highly sought after! The tint will come in the following 12 shades:

  1. Terre-Neuve
    • LIGHT0 – Lightest with neutral pink undertones
  2. Finland
    • LIGHT1 – Lightest with neutral yellow undertones
  3. Alaska
    • LIGHT2 – Light with a neutral balance of pink and yellow undertones
  4. Groenland
    • LIGHT3 – Light medium with a neutral pink/ peachy undertone
  5. St. Mortiz
    • MEDIUM1 – Medium with a neutral yellow undertone
  6. Cuzco
    • MEDIUM1.5 – Medium with a neutral pink /peachy undertone
  7. Annapurna
    • MEDIUM2 – Medium with a neutral peachy undertone
  8. Cuba
    • MEDIUM3 – Medium with a neutral balance of pink and yellow undertones
  9. Malaga
    • MED/DARK1 – Medium dark with warm caramel undertones
  10. Seychelles
    • MED/DARK2 – Medium dark with golden olive undertones
  11. Martinique
    • MED/DARK3 – Medium dark with warm red undertones
  12. Polynesia
    • DARK1 – Dark with warm chocolate undertones

It doesn’t sound as sheer as its name implies, packaging lid trickery aside (that is a point of contention in the review, at least for her samples), the formula sounds wonderful.  Any Nars fans?

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