Music Makes A Difference

With some of the training I do, listening to music is impossible – in a dojo or dojang, it isn’t even something I would entertain – you just DON’T.  But…with all of my other sports and activities, it is a MUST HAVE.



M U S I C !

When people talk about the various musical instruments they can play, I’ll smile…knowing perfectly well that my gifts are in other areas (I tried the oboe and piano, failing quite miserably!)  My man can recite what I would say before I do… The other day he heard a riff and said “I used to play that!”  I smiled and said “I wish I could!”  He then finished my sentence…“my body is my instrument.”


My body IS my instrument.

My strength has never been in reading notes, or creating beautiful sound through the complexities of pairing up with a physical object.  Rather, it is in reading the sound, and using my body to “play” the notes.


As a figure skater, ballerina, and ballroom dancer, that skill was required – you have to know how to move with the subtle nuances of the music…just as a musician must know how to create and evolve with what they play.  

But it isn’t only within the creative Performing Sports that music matters – it is as much a part of my weight lifting and cardio routine, as it was for practice and performance on the ice, in the ballroom, on stage… Music speaks to my body, telling me what I need to be doing.  


It encourages me to pick up the pace when I am starting to get lackadaisical and plateau.  

It reminds me to slow down at certain intervals, to recoup when I may have kept charging instead.  

It makes a HUGE difference, not only in the physical output, but also in the mental sphere.


One of the things I hear often about “working out” is that people get bored.  Oh my, SO DO I!  I am not a fan of cardio that I am aware I am doing, rest assured!  But the music makes it go by faster – it keeps the activity interesting, fun, and engaging.


I have to note here that sometimes it’s also worth listening to something you may not otherwise – you may find unlikely motivation from new beats and new sounds – it never hurts to check out other genres to keep your routines from getting stale!

My hunnie also bought a Sonos that we use when we spin at home – I honestly had no idea what it was (embarrassing, I know!) but I am completely hooked.  With it I can stream Pandora and get a random onslaught of jams to keep me pushing!  

When I’m not in the luxury of my home, it’s all about the iPod.  Unless I’m in a really specific mood, I’ll put songs on Shuffle – it keeps things interesting, and again, helps me to dictate how I want to run my session.  Changing up your plan is important for continuous growth – whether through reps, intensity, or speed.  You want to give your muscles something new, and on days you are dragging, the music can help you to do that!

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