Kleenex Facial Care

Well I wouldn’t have expected this at all, though I suppose it makes some amount of sense… Kleenex, well known for babying our noses during seasonal change, colds, flus and tears, has come out with a line of products to care for facial skin.

Given the size of the brand, I am certain they have enough to fund R&D and to make something of their trial data!  Trusted as they for their gentle products, I can see people giving them a chance with these items as well – a name, and solid track record, goes a long way.  I’m happy to see the company stepping out a bit into a new (albeit a “neighborly”) category, and I’m wondering how Buf Puf feels about it!

Per WWD:

“…Kleenex, the Kimberly Clark-owned facial tissue brand, is quietly entering the skin-care category. The brand has developed five stockkeeping units focused on facial cleansing, including cleansing wipes, water-activated exfoliating cushions and eye-makeup-remover pads. After a test launch with a consumer focus group in August, the products officially became available for sale last month exclusively on kleenex.com/facialcleansing.

As of now, no plans for brick-and-mortar entry have been announced, but Kleenex intends to roll out its facial-cleansing products to online retailers by Q2 of 2016 — though none have been determined yet. Until then, the focus is on a direct-sell approach. “We’re testing in a real environment in the digital space,” said Kleenex senior brand manager Eniko Olah. “We’re going to take what we learn and scale up.”  “

The lineup will have five items:

  1. Facial Cleansing Wipes
  2. Exfoliating Cushions
  3. Cotton Soft Pads
  4. Shine-Away Sheets
  5. Eye Makeup Removers

Are you excited to see these?

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