Ghosted Pink

This red-to-primarily-pink ombre is to die for.  Now I know it won’t be out on the street necessarily, nor in a boardroom, nor office meeting…  If it was, at least, in the latter two settings, there would be either beauty experts, fashion professionals, or performers involved!  

When I was young, the pouring over fashion publications was done specifically because of this kind of imagery – it’s artwork.  It is its own kind of outrageous.  It’s bright, uplifting in color, expertly applied – makeup artistry takes a whole other level of skill and creativity, and I always appreciated that.  

For me, the combination of colors, textures and finishes was utterly captivating – I couldn’t say why, beyond that it appeals to my very-visual way of assimilating information.  But I loved it, and loved photography – composition, light and shadow play….all of it.

So here is this image, just floating in the ether…  But it’s one striking enough to stop me so I stare for a moment and think “now that is divine!”  

From the bordered-spray-paint quality, to the patent-leather gloss…to the faded, ghosted edge, I absolutely LOVE this photo. 🙂 


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