Paint It Black

I happened across this Black-Friday-Inspired post and had to share.  I used to get asked – during my more outwardly Goth days – “do you own black lipstick!?”…in a tone as if to insult or hit a nerve.  “Well, no…but I do have black lipgloss to match my nail polish…”  

I never did understand why that was intended to get me riled up – while I wasn’t darkening my lips to match the Nighttime sky, I didn’t think it was at all unattractive…so the question scarcely skimmed my surface.  Wearable?  Not unless you don’t mind the attention.  But chic?  Why not?! 

For shoots in particular, it works beautifully.  I can’t say I’ve seen it in the street much, though if I did I’d think “way to go, sass!” in appreciation of that individual’s hutzpah! 

Anyway, I loved the images in this post, and thought some of the blacks were quite divine.  Black is incredibly gorgeous to me in general, as colors…or absence of color goes.

My personal favorites posted? The Illamasqua Pristine is gorgeous with its warmer, blackened-berry tinge…  And MAC’s Black Knight, for it’s brooding, warm-velvet opacity.  

Traffic-halting and deviantly dynamite, all around.

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