Dinner On The Go

The other night my hunnie thoughtfully picked something up for me for dinner… 


Sometimes I’ll hear people complain that there aren’t many healthy options when needing to pick something up for a quick bite.  If you DO want to watch your meals, don’t fret because there absolutely ARE some really healthy dishes out there!  

With sushi, I’m sure there are additional things to think about – not everyone is comfortable with certain preparations, for example.  Truth be told, I took these and warmed them in hot soy to “cook” them a bit – a sin, perhaps!  But they melt like butter, and I know my satiety is tricked when they are cooked versus completely raw.  (How about that neat trick!? 😉 ) 

I also realize this isn’t wild caught – it is harder to find that when buying your own sashimi, in particular…and sometimes when out.  That said, I don’t have it frequently enough that I’m terribly concerned.  In general, salmon is a great fish because it is high in healthy fats and protein, and it will therefore not only keep you functioning optimally, but keep you feeling full and satisfied longer.

He also got a huge serving of steamed vegetables to go with this – seriously delicious!

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