Glitter UV Gel

I’ve done UV Gel for years…ever since my competitive Ballroom dance days.  Most of the ladies do a wide French but I alway stuck to my degrade glitter – it was different, still maintained the look of long “lines,” and just made me happy!  It may be the girliest thing about me, matter of fact…

I moved about two months ago and I was worried about finding a replacement for the woman I went to – she knew exactly what I needed done, and exactly how I wanted it.  But thanks to Google – there is always Google! – I located a few places and found the perfect one!  


I wasn’t going to wither and keel over if I could have them done – it isn’t the end all be all by any stretch! But  little comforts or treats that we have for ourselves keep us in a routine, and give us some kind of control.  

Leaving one place and starting over can feel overwhelming – something as small as getting your Gel redone, or having your haircut can be a stressor!  Might sound silly to some, but when you think about it, those little things are like reference points – they’re things you look forward to in order to unwind and treat yourself!


The great news is, there is always someone else out there, and they are often close by.  Read reviews and do your due diligence, but know that it really isn’t a big deal…and you will find your  groove soon enough! 🙂

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