Fall 2015 – John Frieda

New additions to John Frieda’s color-specific lines are now available on Target’s website!

What’s interesting is the company is rolling out a powder “Root Blur Color Blending Concealer” – interesting in the sense that the price is still pretty high at $18.99 (as least from a mass market perspective, as well as in comparison to comparable products.)  The concealer comes in four shades depending on the depth of your brunette or blonde, and appears to pair two complimentary colors for custom mixing.

The Visibly Deeper Brunette Collection includes three products – a shampoo, conditioner, and color deepening treatment – all intended to deepen your locks up to one shade darker.  I’ve tried color depositing products and the only one that ever seemed to be worth it’s weight was Aveda Black Malva conditioner.  I’m guessing these work similarly, though I don’t see a fuller description.  The treatment is a leave-on-for-five-minutes deal that says it will create a darker, more lustrous brunette – it can be used on colored or natural hair.  The one review that’s posted thus far is extremely positive.

The Visibly Brighter Brunette range is meant to – as you no doubt guessed! – lighten and brighten your brown for a “natural looking sun-kissed glow, without ever looking orange or brassy.” Here again you have a shampoo, conditioner and an In-shower Lightening Treatment.

Sheer Blonde, Go Blonder is along the same lines – shampoo, conditioner, in-shower treatment…and a controlled lightening spray designed to create natural looking highlights.

I’m eager to see more reviews about these – I haven’t had great success with the current range (or past ones) designed for brunettes…but maybe these will surprise!

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