So…I know MUFE’s HD foundation stick meant to be incredible, impeccable, and basically impossible to see… Designed for 4D after all!

But is it me or does it look terrible in this photo!?  

I air on the side of being super positive with everything, though I have to confess my disappointment here.  I would much rather recommend another full coverage foundation over this to someone wanting solid camouflage because I feel like…at least in this image…it enhances what one would want to disappear.  I’m guessing a highlighter was possibly used here as well but I think they could have lessened it on the chin and nose.

I think what’s particularly noteworthy about it is that this lady has LOVELY skin!  I would therefore be concerned that if the canvas wasn’t as smooth, this would really bring out the bad.  

All that said, I’m not suggesting anyone has to look perfect… Nor do I mean to give hefty support to marketing images that *might* be farther from the truth than not – I want REAL.  

So I don’t know…  I want to say maybe it wasn’t the best choice to post this photo because I wouldn’t buy the product seeing this result…  But then would I be disappointed if this WAS the result and the image was much better?  

I like to see what a product TRULY looks like on the skin – that matters to me.  But again, I think this wasn’t really the most stellar representation of their new HD stick.  

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