I don’t really believe in  current day “Thanksgiving” – I haven’t for many years.


In part, it has steered away from traditional roots – I have the sense it is more about indulging than anything these days.  In my heart, the celebration of ingurgitating in excess feels “off” to me somehow.  I’m not sure that’s *quite* how the story went… 

That aside, needing to be reminded about gratitude feels so odd – truly being thankful,” being kind, seeing the good, are daily practices…

They are a way of Life...

They are what (perhaps idealistically, I recognize) one hopes are an involuntary undercurrent in humans’ habitude. 


It’s important that we find something positive.  With every dawn, and every dusk.

To take a moment to appreciate whatever “it” is…

The sky is a radiant blue.  

There wasn’t traffic this morning.  

Someone held the door for you…

Practice the arts of Thankfulness, Gratitude, and Mindfulness…

Thanksgiving is a fun time to gather with friends and family who have the day off…absolutely!  It’s fun to cook together and enjoy delicious foods.  (And for some, I respect it may still be about the cultural and religious roots, which is perhaps specific to the time of year.)

But being thankful is something we can do every day….

We see family and friends all the time. We very likely have meals that keep us full and healthy.  We have shelter, and loved ones.  Our hard times have brought us lessons that have helped us become stronger and wiser…

I don’t really believe we need a “holiday” specifically relegated for thankfulness – Life is full of Blessings, and they occur every single day.



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