Maybelline CC on Sasa

I LOVE Sasa.  Big surprise there, I know!  I not only love seeing all the overseas brands, but additionally, the items our home-base brands don’t offer here.

One such item is Maybelline’s CC cream.  This Care and Correct product contains Water Lily extract that “soothes and comforts skin,” while “brightening transforming beads that are released upon application to instantly reveal skin’s natural radiance.”

The two shades are:


Both have SPF 37, which I personally think is AWESOME!  I found a few swatches here, though I’m afraid I can’t read the review!  

Because this brand is so affordable, I sometimes find myself purchasing things I definitely don’t need!  Bad habit, I admit it, but…I don’t think I’m alone! 😉  Maybe it’s the excitement of a new product that our shores won’t actually see…even if it isn’t something I NEED, it just seems so exotic.

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