Martial Arts and Movement

I personally believe that any activity in which we gain body awareness is of use to us – in any kind of situation, whether a precarious one, or slipping on ice in winter.

I’ve known some people who feel their Art is the proper one, “the most effective in a fight,” the most comprehensive…  I often wonder in such a case if they’ve ever pondered that each of us are different, with different goals, limitations, strengths, weaknesses…?  

What of an individual’s needs, desires, spirit, physiology..?  

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 6.03.51 PM

In my own mind there is no RIGHT way, no BEST art, because all of those things must, and do, factor in.  Each is to be respected, and honored, no matter if it is not the right “fit” for us individually.  We all bring something unique to the game, and we will all (inevitably) have blind spots that we need to strengthen. 

The wonderful thing about the Arts is that there are SO MANY.  There are standards and protocols, postures, exercises, and lessons specific to each of these Arts, of course…but there is such a breadth of styles and focus that there is something for everyone.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 4.15.44 PM

I may be embarking on a few new Disciplines of my own, and I am terribly excited! – the more we know how to move, the more vocabulary our body has with which to “speak” and react, the better.  

Each of the Arts can benefit us on the whole – there is no “waste” in the learning.


3 thoughts on “Martial Arts and Movement

  1. You are so right! Unfortunately, there are too much ego in the community and you will always find those who say: “My art is better than yours”, “My mobile, PC, Mac, etc. is much better/faster than yours” and so on and so forth.
    It is not about your style, but what you can do with it.
    As you said all Styles have things in common and go towards the same direction. Learning is a blessing we need to treasure.
    Keep learning and spreading your knowledge.
    Thank you

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  2. Hsampon and to Fashionjitsu
    Right on point! I’m glad you guys pointed it out. Many people are still trying to parade “my art is better than your art”
    Martial arts has never been about that, it has always been about instilling success principles and having the people seek to constantly improve themselves, not trying to “prove” anything.
    Please keep posting! Great message!

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  3. Hsampson and Kris Uy – THANK YOU for your wonderful comments, and for taking the time to write them! I could not agree with you more! Learning IS a blessing, and we all have something to contribute in the end. I also love that you say it isn’t about “proving” something – I always feel badly when I see that kind of thing taking place. It is about our own journey, NOT about showing off!


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