Pat McGrath’s Gold

Pat McGrath is one of the most well-known makeup artists out there, and continues to be a key force in the creation of “looks” for the Runways each season.  McGrath also has a background as the global creative director with Proctor & Gamble, a position which included involvement with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and CoverGirl.

I’m kind of surprised that she is coming out with a product line now…  Surprised in the sense that I’d have expected it years ago!  She intends to roll out her full collection at the end of 2016, but for the moment she will be selling some limited-edition products on her website, Path McGrath Labs.

Gold 001 is the first of these… A static “obsession,” backed by Pinterest-like thumbnail images on a chaotic television screen backdrop.  It is, lest I bear the bad news, sold out (eBay is always a good starting point!).  

If you can track it down, though, Gold 001 includes:

  • Gold 001 pigment
  • Metal spatula
  • Second life container
  • Mehron mixing liquid 

“…Celebrate the inspiration, illumination and irreverence of all your #LabLove, “ it says, with a the kind of impudence you might get from a feisty London punk at a Fashion Show…

I like it.  It’s sassy.  It’s unapologetic and not at ALL easy to wear.  It’s a collectible item, or for those who aren’t faint of heart…

I’m eager to see what she comes out with next!



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