“Marathon Manes”

I saw this article on Beauty Launchpad and honestly just lit up.  The site is wonderful anyway, but I loved that they steered this towards us active ladies!  

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 5.16.52 PM

I am neither a marathoner, nor a runner, nor an endurance athlete.  But athlete, I am…and worrying about our hair actually has a bit to do with function.  We don’t need the added distractions or discomfort (yes, products that combine with sweat and go in your eyes hurts!)


“Hair Hacks for Runners” shares a few tips that may, or may not be, common knowledge…but even if they are, sometimes we flat out forget.  We are...literally…on the move!  


As a skater, dancer, and martial artist, with hair down my back (and bangs!) it’s fair to say that I understand this predicament.  I’d therefore for love to add a few tips myself, beyond the four offered in the article:

  1. Don’t be afraid of putting some conditioner on your ends, and / or where the hair ties are – (unless you find that the skin on your back is having any concerns like breakouts…which can be a result of your hair products!)  The conditioner just has that much longer to penetrate – and though I am not a hair tech, I can say that it HAS made a difference for me.  With all the pulling back we do, we fracture hair often.  This has helped me avoid some of that. Wash it out later and voila! A silky mane. 
  2. Have a stash of snap barrettes around – incredible useful for bangs or wisps that just won’t behave!  If you are doing a distance run and have a pack or pocket, stash even just one, as hair in your face can be horribly annoying.  (If you are a ballroom dancer, this won’t happen – your hair will be a statue! 😉  ) 
  3. I usually have an extra tie somewhere also because sometimes I got to adjust it and SNAP!  No way I’m doing legs with my hair down – the heat and sweat would drive me crazy!
  4. Try to let your hair down once in a while – I don’t do this enough, but I have to.  Years of being a ballet bunhead and keeping hair off my face can take a toll where it is most stressed (read: where it is pulling, consistently, the tightest.)

You don’t have to look like a frump, by any means, so yay to the article for addressing that.  But also, the last thing we want to be thinking about is hair flopping around and distracting our focus, or any products irritating our eyes or skin.    


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